A Quantum Healing Christmas Story

One of the last comments my client Jay made as he prepared for his Quantum Healing session was, “Please do me a favor and don’t invite Jesus in for healing or anything like that. If you want to ask some of the Saints or some Angels to help or whatever that would be okay, just not Jesus.”

The comment seemed a bit harsh, and it was. I remember feeling a bit stunned. I didn’t remember any previous client making a statement like this or even anything close to it, but I could understand why he said it. I just nodded and said, “Okay.”

Jay came from a very large and very strict Catholic family. He went to Catholic schools and was required to attend every mass that his mother did and that seemed to be all of them. He felt like he was there nearly every day. He was an altar boy and truly disliked the ceremonies. He also had some very unpleasant things to say about the nuns in his school. They spanked and hit him frequently. He had no fond memories of the church at all.

However, as was his family’s tradition the day he turned 18 he was allowed to make up his own mind about his life and that also meant he was then allowed to choose his religious instruction or none at all. He described a glorious day of freedom. He never stepped foot in a Christian church again. It had been decades, and the resentment of his early life, although hidden from most who knew him presently, most certainly remained.

In the subsequent years, he took up yoga and eventually became an instructor. He studied Buddhism. He was friendly, athletic and funny. He smiled often and easily. He was having a session simply to learn more about himself, and perhaps more about his spiritual path. He had mentioned he was a regular meditator so I was hopeful for a deep and profound session, I was not to be disappointed.

Jay went deeply and easily into a trance state. When he entered the scene of his past life, he smiled broadly. These were the very first words that he said when I asked him what he saw:

Jay:(Laughing) I see a little baby Jesus in a manger.

Me: Oh! How do you know this baby is Jesus?

Jay: I can just feel it. Everything from the manger, to the happy moments, to the site, to the animals.

Nativity scene, Church of St. Catherine, Bethlehem

He continued to grin as he described the scene before him. Considering his one and only request concerning the session was NOT having Jesus invited to be in it, I was a bit taken aback at his reaction! I was also highly amused and knew the story that was going to play out here would be one I would never, ever forget and I was right.

Me: Tell me, what does the manger look like?

Jay: Two wooden X’s and almost like two pieces of plywood making a V shape, and hay streaming all over the place; looks like a thatched roof. There’s just a happy baby in there.

Me: And are there any other people there? 

Jay: The mother is there. Mary is there. It doesn’t seem like the birth day itself. She is just sitting to the side, fondly looking on.

(A Quantum Healing Christmas Story….To be continued….)

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