Are there Darwin Awards for Squirrels?

Or would that be redundant?

Here on Atira Moon we make it a point to talk to all of the animals and we have had some amazing experiences. Today when I was leaving to run errands, I (ahem) “ran into” this little fella. I stopped the truck completely when it stopped in the middle of the road.

He just sat up on his haunches and looked at me, and didn’t move. So I thought I would talk to him.

“Which way are you going to go little fella? Right or left?”

He said,  “I am not sure.”

I waited for him to decide.

I mean I really waited. Like 30 seconds, maybe up to a minute. He turned a small circle or two, but didn’t make any progress. He didn’t seem injured. Just indecisive. Cowboy and Finn, our dogs who were along for the morning ride, could barely contain themselves. (But they were good boys and stayed in the back seat)

“Well? We both can’t just sit here stopped like this on the road. Please decide where you are going so I can get on with my day.”

The squirrel kept looking at me and blinked, “I don’t want to decide!”

But then, finally, he started to move. That’s when I started this video. (From my iphone the clip is 47 seconds long.)


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