Are You an ET Experiencer?

A great deal of my clients are. Actually a few of my really good friends are as well. There are more of them out there than you might imagine.  Many keep their stories, their out-of-this-world memories to themselves, out of the fear of being ostracised.

Many, like our friend Steven Jones, author of An Invitation to the Dance, don’t use the term ‘abducted’, preferring to be called ‘experiencer’. It is widely believed that on some deep level, those that have contact, have agreed to the experience.

I’m glad there are those like Steven, who are not afraid to share their experiences. The idea that humans are the “only” intelligent life form in the universe, and no other type has interacted with us is as silly and arrogant as believing the sun and all the planets revolve around us and only us. Some, notably the skeptics, still focus upon this idea of requiring “proof” the event has actually occurred and is not simply some figment of an overactive imagination.

Well assuming our friend Steven isn’t completely fabricating his adventures, have a look at this recent photograph:

Having just been returned from a contact experience where he was fully conscious and aware of what had happened, he returned to his home and wife Annie and they immediately retrieved their blacklight and digital camera and documented the event.

It has been discovered that touches by these other beings, either their hands, fingers, or sometimes technology or equipment, leaves a residue upon human skin that glows under a black light. Steven, aware that he was examined with some sort of device on his temples, head and throat, had Annie put the light to those places on his skin, and sure enough, these odd small circles appeared.

These marks will remain, even after washing, for a number of days after an experience. They are not visible in regular indoor artificial or outside daylight conditions. Annie, although not herself an actual experiencer, has been “touched” by the beings as well as they come to escort Steven out of his home. She then, too, displays these marks visible in the blacklight.

Interesting, isn’t it?

Steven is working on his second book, focusing on the information the other beings have for humanity. If you would be so inclined we are asking for emails to be sent to George Noory at Coast to Coast AM, the world’s largest radio program, to suggest Steven as a featured guest to be interviewed. Here is the address: [email protected].

In the meantime, if you, or anyone you know have had contact, you can get yourself a blacklight to document physical contact if it is an ongoing experience like the kind Steven has, and you can also participate in a new project with Florida’s MUFON Group if you have had any sort of experience at all. All of the important information about the project is included below.

(And I will be sharing more on Steven’s recent experience soon…)

Abduction researcher, author and former International Director of Field Investigator Training, Kathleen Marden, and Denise Stoner, Florida MUFON’s Director of Investigations, are collaborating on an abduction experiencer research project. Their goal is to expand our understanding of the alien abduction phenomenon through the use of two questionnaires. Their findings will be published and presented at the 2012 MUFON International Symposium in Covington, Kentucky. I urge all experiencers of alien abduction to participate in this research. Click here to read the questionnaire and to learn more about this important research

Please Participate Abduction Experiencer Surveys

Please post and/or forward this email to other abductees / experiencers you may know – Thank you.


Kay Wilson

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