Atira Moon: Marcia McCoy Returns and CORe Class Reminder

Marcia McCoy, international artist and conduit of
Source in Silence high frequency Energy is in
Kansas, 2012 for several events starting April 25 – May 9th.
Don’t miss her and her colleagues, see calendar:

Calendar Snapshot: Details Below
April 25 – May 9, By appointment Group, Public, Private Source in Silence Sessions
May 5 and May 6, CORe Workshop taught by Candace Craw Goldman, Atira Moon Ranch
May 6, Public and Private Sessions in the portal, Source in Silence, Atira Moon Ranch
May 9, Marcia McCoy, Artist Lecture, Print Sale, Energy and Sacred Geometry

* Reserve/Arrange private and individual high frequency
Source in Silence Energy sessions with Marcia by calling: 505.470.1067. Appointments are available from April 25 – May 9th. Group/Public $20 per person
Private Sessions, 1 hour 15 Minutes, $125.

Full Moon Public Sessions in the Portal
Marcia is pleased to return to the beautiful Atira Moon Ranch
and conduit Source in Silence in the portal on the full moon,
May 6, two public group sessions, 2 and 6 PM.
$20 per person.
Directions/Contact: 505.470.1067 or
Candace: 512.844.6377 or
email: [email protected]

Atira Moon Ranch
CORe Workshop, May 5 and 6th
Facilitated by Candace Craw Goldman,
a consciousness explorer
who offers Dolores Cannon (Past Life) Regression Sessions will teach the CORe Workshop,
Cellular and Organ Regeneration

LEVEL ONE, May 5, CORe, 9am – 4pm (includes lunch)
Level one is an introduction for Self-Healing. You will receive
processes, healing codes to correct functioning of the physical body
and begin regeneration and restoration of body cells.
The program is founded on the scientific research of
Grigori Grabovoi, Arcady Petrov and others, sometimes called DNA Healing.

CORe Workshop, Part Two, May 6,
9am – 12pm (includes lunch)
Practitioners, Processes and Number Codes,
Pre-requisite, CORe Level One
To reserve your space, contact Candace: 512.844.6377
Candace email: [email protected]
Also Contact Candace for appointments for Past Life Regression Sessions by appointment this summer.

Marcia McCoy, international artist will lecture,
show and sale of her oil mono prints Wednesday, May 9,.
Based on Marcia’s 33 years of art making and
international research on the subjects of Energy, Grids and
Sacred Geometry; Marcia created 46 oil mono prints which are related to her Sacred Sites, Stone Temple Sculpture Project.
Meet Marcia, learn about her very exciting research
and purchase prints on this evening.
The venue is at Wichita’s new
Artist Central (Gallery and Working Artist Studios)
Marcia’s Talk, Show, Sale: Wednesday, May 9th, 6:30 PM,
$20 Per Person at the door
5014 E. Central (Between Oliver and Edgemoor)
Wichita, Kansas 316.686.2266

Marcia McCoy, Santa Fe, New Mexico cell: 505.470.1067
email: [email protected]
facebook: Source in Silence Community Page
or Marcia McCoy Santa Fe