Atira Moon – The Native American Connection Part 2

I recently drove near the place where I had my spontaneous past life memory oh so many long years ago.It used to be a dirt road that took me to the piece of prairie I loved so much. Now it is paved, and the old dirt path that led to the little raised knoll in the field currently looks like this:


I think about it a lot, especially when I ride in our hay field, which is pictured below. I snapped this photo with my phone while riding the other day. It shows native prairie grass, but not the tall grass type. It also shows trees, we do have trees near the creek, so its not a pure grass circle, but this ground  is pure Kansas Prairie.

I’ve taken the opportunity 4 times now to ask the Superconscious (or the Collective Unconsciousness) or SC for short, about Atira Moon while doing Regressions.

In the first one, the SC said, “The actual site is very old, and it indeed was used by Native Americans, but the energies remain. It is a place filled with energy and it is awakening again to fulfill its purpose.”

(Later that particular evening circular lightening appeared over the portal)

In the second one, the SC said, “There are Shaman alive now, those who are directly descended from those who were on this land, who held ceremony at this sacred site, who could help you gain more knowledge about history and how to use the site. They would not be easy to find, but it could be done.”

In the third session I asked what was the portal’s purpose? The client said, “It’s a sign. Its affirmation and direction, and you know of which we speak.” I asked then, if it was a coincidence that the client  visited a Native American past life where we spoke much of horses and feathers and wooden beads? The client said, “No it is not. It is important you spend time there. You need to be there, you have been there before and you need to be here now.”

Here is a brief transcription of the fourth Session, where the woman experienced a life of a Native American girl:

Can you give me information about the circle site at Atira Moon?

It is the reason you can do this work here. The animals know it is there.  Is there an event?

There is, the Solstice, we are inviting people to come here with my friend Marcia McCoy of Source in Silence will be here to hold meditations in the circle.

Very powerful girl!

Is there any connection between the Indian Spirit that (Client) saw when I was speaking to her on the phone and Atira Moon?

Yes definitely, the Indian was following her to tell her this. The plains Indians left so much residual energy here, they left it here and it is working. It is residual earth energy. It is like a geyser in your yard and they are so pleased it was discovered and it is being used. They are here now.

Who is here?

The Plains People, the Shaman, they are here again. The animals know this. These people are here right now. They are very powerful. They are here right now. (Client) should definitely go into the circle to seal in her healing. Yes, yes, she should go into the circle.

The fourth client, had an instantaneous healing during the session. She was long deaf in one ear, due to disease, hearing only “pinpricks” of sound and a loud ringing noise. The SC had said in our session it was necessary for the woman to regain her hearing, and healed it immediately because she needed to learn more, to use videos to learn, and have more knowledge to be able to help more people. When the session was over we walked out to the circle and sat on the stumps for a while. I asked her about her hearing. She covered her good ear and looked at me and said, “Say something.”

“Welcome to the Sacred Circle at Atira Moon!”

“I can hear. Oh my, I can actually hear. And the ringing, the roaring, its gone. Its just… gone.”

How cool is that?