Atira Moon – The Native American Connection Part 3

The Shamans of the sacred site circle at Atira Moon were listening in on an email conversation I was having with a Native American woman whose knowledge and lineage relate to the Ojibwe/Anishinaabeg/Chippewa tribes. We were discussing tribes and known details of historical facts. Here is what they had to say:

It truly does not matter the tribe or history attached to this sacred place.

Just know that we existing in this place that is unseen to you are aware of the power of this place on our Earth Mother and we are here to support and encourage you to follow your heart in planning and carrying out ceremony and healing to all those that need it.

You and many who come to you have indeed lived upon these plains as indigenous tribes in other incarnations. Bits and pieces of these memories are being allowed to be returned to you so that you may draw upon them for their connection and energy and support. Accept this and know that we wish you to be nourished and encouraged by these connections and to use them in your work rather than focus upon decoding their exact historical accuracy.

Sitting in the Sacred Circle Site at Atira Moon

Life is getting more interesting by the day. I believe that is only the beginning of what the Shamans have to say. Solstice is just 3 days away. Remember that anyone can participate remotely. Send us a photograph of you or your loved one.

Remote session 1pm June 21.