Atira Moon -The Native American Connection Part 4

For those loyal friends and family who read this blog and find themselves wondering about my connection to reality, today’s post is for you. Long time friend (and equine photographer extraordinaire)  Lynne G. sent a copy of a blog post of mine to her friend Gesa who writes:

I resonated with your ” column of light” immediately. Over the past few years, I have been instructed to place ‘medicine wheels’ (for lack of a better term) in specific places in mountain areas. The wheels were to be made of what ever was offered at the site. I didnt know what, why or where I was supposed to be doing this. I just accepted that I was supposed to do it. After I placed the first one I was told to turn around and look at it. I saw a column of light energy spinning into the earth. I was in awe. I looked at the spirit indian with the headdress on and asked him if the column went deep into the earth. He said no. It attached the fabric of the universe to that place on the earth. He said many people like me, were being asked to help to anchor the earth to the fabric of the universe. Apparently the negative energy we are burdening our planet with, is causing quite a lot of harm to her.

I’ve also been asked to drop certain kinds of crystals into gopher holes so that the gophers could place them where needed beneath the ground.

I’ve read about & talked to others that have had similar instructions. I can only pray that what we are doing is helping this beautiful planet.


Thanks for writing Gesa. Your comment is such wonderful validation of my own experience.

There are not enough hours to relate all the things that have happened within and about the circle before Solstice happens on Tuesday!

I will add another story tomorrow afternoon. Please remember you can participate in our event remotely. Email me for details.