Atira Moon, the Oriole and Meeting the 13 Shamans

(The following story was written by my husband Tom, a fairly new student of Dolores Cannon.)

“… I was standing on the side of the road, holding an Oriole in my hands.” I don’t know how many people have ever had the chance to say that, but so began a very interesting day.

My wife wanted to do a regression late in the afternoon after what had already been a full day of chores for me, outside mostly, in almost 100 degree weather. It was one of those “3 shirt” days so I was tired but also excited to do a session with her again. She had been a very good subject previously and had an interesting desire for this one so I was geared up for it. She had recently become aware of an `energy circle’ on our land so she wanted to explore that connection and further understand its purpose. Because of the uniqueness of the session I thought some of you might be interested.

Just like her first regression, I was thrown a curve ball right out of the gate (the first time her cloud was a `tree trunk’ so that time we converted it into a canoe and off she went, drifting and floating, floating and drifting). So, about halfway to the cloud that she managed to see this time, she was intercepted by 2 red tailed Hawks (of course she was).

They joined with her, one on each side by her shoulders, so she allowed herself to fly with them by just grabbing on and off they went as a set of 3, floating and drifting, drifting and floating. I know from listening to her dreams that she loves to go flying so I just let her have fun for few minutes, soaring with her feathered friends. I eventually asked them to guide her to the most appropriate time and place for her to learn about this energy circle on our land.

A little unconventional, I know, but she was interested in specific information so I didn’t see why that suggestion wouldn’t work, and in fact it worked fabulously. She was guided to the energy circle, an area about 30 feet in diameter in the middle of a native grass pasture, and gently landed in its middle. She was of energy form, but surrounding the circle where 13 Native Americans, not corporeal but physical enough that she could see different clothing and headdresses on each of them.

They were all men except for one woman, whom she interestingly enough had seen before in a different spiritual event according to what she shared in the debrief. Each member of this Council of 13 Shamans (as they called themselves) was standing on a tree stump that surrounds the energy circle in real life. She went around the circle, talking with each, each sharing a message with her. Sometimes it was information about the circle, its origin and purpose, and other times sharing personal information for my wife’s spiritual development and on one occasion there was a message specifically for me. It was, “we sent you a very clear message with the bird this morning…pay attention.”

This phase of the session was a little difficult to guide as it seemed like we were going around the circle and talking to the Council and then on several occasions it seemed like I was talking to the SC. I was really forced to stay on my toes and just tried to keep up with everything that was happening. So we continued around the circle with most of the Shamans having a specific message all the way to the point when I was finally told that my wife was tired and it was time to close the session for now (but wait…I had more questions! )

Oh well…probably best to pay attention to the Council so we wrapped it up with instructions on how to re-establish contact in the future and expressions of love and thanks for all. As I was still kind of confused about how much the SC was `present’ in the moment I asked “Am I speaking to my wife’s SC?,” to which I was told…”Uh, no, you’re talking to the Council of 13.” Sorry about that…back to the script for me.

We finished quickly with some physical healing work that had been requested as well as a request for the SC to assist in healthy weight management, to which the reply was “NO processed foods, the intent from which the food arrives matters a lot, give thanks and chew more and more slowly.” Good advice for us all, no doubt, regardless of any weight desires.

So back to the Oriole…

My morning started with a drive into town, about a 15 minute trip as we live on a small farm out in the country, to do some chores. As I pulled up to the gas station to fill the truck and a couple of gasoline containers in the back, I reached into my back pocket to pull out my wallet, only to discover that what I thought was my wallet was really a pair of work gloves…argghhh. So…15 minutes back to the farm to get my wallet and trying not to beat myself up for being so, uhh… stupid.

As I was headed back home, I tried to remember the lessons that I’ve been learning (re-learning in some cases) over the past few years and finally decided that this all must be happening for a reason, just relax, let it go and don’t worry about it. So I get home, grab my wallet and then head back to town a little calmer than I had been.

About 5 miles from the farm as I was driving west on this country road, a beautiful female Oriole came swooping down from the trees on the left and instead of veering away at the last minute as most birds do, it went straight under the truck and to my dread, as I looked in the rear view mirror, I see feathers flying as she tumbled on the road behind me. It was really sad, and so unexpected that I went a few hundred yards and then turned around in the hopes of finding her uninjured or maybe even having flown away, but unfortunately that was not to be the case. I slowly drove towards this really pretty bird and saw that she’s lying on her back with wings spread wide. As I got closer though, I noticed that she was still breathing!

I pulled off the road, put the flashers on and walked out into the road. I didn’t really think too much about what I was going to do…I’d never done anything like this before so I picked her up and held her in my hands. She immediately clasped onto a finger of my left hand with one of her feet but just lay there breathing hard.

I folded her wings, closed my right hand over the top of her and carried her off the road, standing behind the truck wondering what to do with this beautiful golden orange creature. I stilled my mind, gently holding an injured bird for the first time in my life and started to give her Reiki.

She just lay there still and barely moving so after a minute or two I opened my hands to see how she was feeling. She leaned back into my left hand, looked at me directly in the eye, and then…flew away. I was stunned as I watched her return back into the trees from where she had come. What the heck just happened? Did I imagine all of that?

These kinds of things don’t happen to me, or at least I didn’t think so.

It wasn’t until later that the events of the day started to come into focus for me…the birds that guided my wife and my actions…the messages for both of us from the Council…the energy that surrounds and can heal us all…the real reason for the extra driving. We are all connected…people…animals and the earth itself in this dimension and others. I continue to learn to trust in what’s happening and try to live in the moment. A most interesting day, indeed…