"Becoming Your Higher Self" Heather Alice Shea.

Last Tuesday (8-4-2015) I interviewed Heather Alice Shea on New Earth Journey Radio. (Clicking that link will take you to the BBS archives. Here is the same show on YouTube.)

Heather is an intuitive guide, 6th sense expert and coach. We had a great time chatting about her incredible NDE and instantaneous healing, her awakening, and how we met in Arkansas when she was attending Dolores Cannon’s Quantum Healing class in 2013. Heather is a hoot to talk to, she is energetic, kind, funny and generous. She is also honest, blunt and probably best of all: she is authentic and passionate about her service to others.

On the show Heather tells the story of how in 2012, in a single moment absolutely everything changed in her life and world. She went from the brink of death to complete health, and with that miracle came the ability to communicate with, and become her own Higher Self! She now helps others communicate with that larger part of themselves, either as a coach, or by teaching you how you can do this same thing all on your own.


I’ve had the pleasure of having not only one but two very extraordinary Higher Self experiences with Heather, and one happened LIVE on air, on this very radio show! Even though I had an amazing epiphany during the show itself, I didn’t talk about it on air at all, but I did tell Heather after the show and want to tell you about it now.

Heather was talking about what it was like, to know that the being who was communicating with her and offering love, was her own Higher Self. As she was talking about this I had an absolutely huge life revelation, but to explain, I must back up a bit.

In my own profound spiritual experience of 2008, I had “hit bottom” with a pain condition. While not seriously life threatening, the pain consumed me and controlled my life. (I do tell this story in Episode 1 of New Earth Journey Radio.) In this  experience of years ago I was transported and stood before my own “light council.” I have a vivid memory of the larger and taller center being handing me a list of things to do to recover my health and discover my life’s purpose. This event changed my life immediately and profoundly.

In the years that have followed I have helped many hundreds of clients speak to their own light counsels and their own Higher Selves as well. This work is very familiar to me, but it wasn’t until the show with Heather that this one concept became clear to me: That central being of the light counsel who had all of the answers to assist me in recovering my health and life was my own Higher Self! That was me helping me!

Of all the times I have thought about that experience and even told the story to others, it simply never occurred to me that being could have been my own Higher Self, but it most certainly was, and the realization that washed over me while talking to Heather on air was powerful and profound. I mean I was vibrating from head to toe so much I thought my voice might have been stuttering on air. It seems obvious to me now, even as I type these words, of course that was my Higher Self!  But it wasn’t until chatting with Heather about her own story that it became apparent to me. There is just something about Heather’s vibe and energy that helps all kinds of people make this connection.

And that’s not the only super Higher Self experience I have had with Heather! The other one came last year when I was helping her beta test her Becoming Your Higher Self course. In a truly lovely meditation, Heather guided me and several others to a place where we could meet and converse with our higher aspects. I was mentally in a hayfield behind our home waiting, and then completely surprised when a colorful, dancing, laughing and beautiful young gypsy who looked just like me (only prettier!) showed up to talk. This was completely unexpected as I had formerly envisioned a very neutral and even slightly masculine Higher Self, certainly not this flowery, flowing, ultra feminine girl wearing skirts and scarves and rings on every painted finger and toe! The gift that remains from that experience is that now when I pass that spot in the “real” hayfield, I am able to re-experience that beautiful moment and reinforce the connection to my own higher being!

Heather spent some time telling us details about her brand spanking new 6 week program, Becoming Your Higher Self, which officially launches today, August 11, 2015. Click the link to learn more and attend a 100% FREE 5 step one hour webinar. Check it out, it is going to be fun, chock full of helpful information and is certain to assist you in your own growth and path. I will definitely be at that webinar myself.

Remember too that Heather is offering all New Earth Journey listeners and readers alike a 25% discount on on-on-one coaching sessions until the end of 2015! Just mention my name, Candace, or New Earth Journey when  you book a session.

Next week, August 18, 2015 on New Earth Journey Radio I welcome Jill Rege from Recoveryrd.com. She will be discussing autism RECOVERY!

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