Becoming Your Higher Self

The door to the class (that starts September 21) by Heather Alice Shea is closing today! Heather says:

Becoming Your Higher Self isn’t just another process or training course. It’s a philosophy. It’s a new way of life.”

As someone who works in this world of consciousness exploration daily, I can honestly say that when I think about how humans are changing and evolving, I think about my friend Heather. I think about her experience and what she has learned, and what she so effectively, and sometimes quite humorously, teaches and inspires in others is exactly this connection with the greater aspect of ourselves that we are all moving toward as we evolve as a species. Heather is just able to help you put a turbo booster on getting to that place sooner, and perhaps with less effort or confusion!

Here is the youtube replay of my interview with Heather on NEJ BBS Radio:

You really can learn how to have consistent and reliable communication with your Higher Self!

As a reminder, even if the class is not right for you, or perhaps just not right at this time, I want to remind all of my New Earth Journey readers and listeners to New Earth Journey BBS Radio that Heather is offering a 25% off discount on personal coaching calls through the end of 2015. Thanks for being so generous Heather. You just rock.

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