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Channeling Dolores Cannon by Candace Craw-Goldman

April 17, 2021

-Dolores I swear I can hear you laughing.

Well, it is humorous.

-I’m not so sure. I am wondering if what I am typing here on this machine will even exist after I finish or if it will just blink itself into oblivion.

I’ll make sure it doesn’t. Look Candace it is a perfect illustration to the message I want to share with you today.

-Yeah, I sort of figured that.

Since you are going to share this communication, why not back up a bit and “set the scene?” Give your readers or listeners the big picture first. That’s what we do in sessions.

-Okay. Big picture. Got it. Here is the big picture. My old laptop had been failing for a long while, hanging and having problems holding a charge, sometimes blinking off completely. After some troubleshooting I found the internal battery was only holding a 10% charge, no matter how long I kept it plugged in. So I bought a new laptop. I had it less than a month when it the display broke completely and for no apparent reason. I spent two days troubleshooting, sending it off for repair and setting up an even older little mini pc to be able to work or get on the internet at all. All of this happening during your birthday, Quantum Realms, and Lauren and her family packing up to leave the country.


-I’d say.

You did manage to keep your sense of humor. For the most part. That’s good.

pile of different computers and phone on table

-So Dolores you know my big webinar is today. The Bifurcation. I was getting up early to prepare. I’m a bit surprised at how many people have signed up, twice as many as my webinar attendee limit. I had to upgrade to accommodate them all.

You’ve been pondering this Bifurcation idea for a while.

-I have.

I know. I’m here to assist.

-I suspect you are going to use my computer situation to illustrate the energetics. This old one I am typing on is still blinking in the background, and the internal calendar date is off by a whole week. That is really strange Dolores.

We’ll go over all of it piece by piece to break it down.

First of all, much like using cars to illustrate human body vehicles, computers are useful analogies. But beyond even that, they are reflections of you and your energy. Just like your cars, your pets, your whole life, really is a reflection of you.

You said your old laptop was only holding 10% charge, no matter how long you kept it plugged in. This could be analogous to your own internal battery, your own energy. You’ve been operating a depleted system Candace. But you already know that. Even though you do “plug in” by sleeping at night you need a type of recharging of your battery that happens during waking hours. We’ll speak more of that in time but suffice it to say you need “open eyed” rest.

Now what else was needing repair to your old computer?

-The power button. Well actually the housing, the case just around the button has cracked and broken off.

This one is really interesting. You can think of that power button a reflection of your life spark. Your life force energy start system. There is not a thing wrong with the button itself, but the housing is open and remains a bit vulnerable.

You were proactive about this whole situation and knew it was time for a new machine. Now let’s talk about that one a little bit. (Very big grin)

What was (or is) the biggest reason you chose that particular brand and model?

-That’s easy. The processor. It has the most efficient and powerful processor one can buy in a laptop. Also the display is a high definition true color display. I really like it. Except of course, it broke for no apparent reason. Oh and it runs a little hot.

(Smiling) You can already see what these things are illustrating, can’t you?

(As I type this, all the windows on my old laptop are blinking in and out like a light show)

-Yes. My new computer and system, is much like the new body and system I am adopting and accepting as we move into the new age.

Yes! You are processing things much better, much more quickly. You are more aware now than you were a year ago, by far. And you are seeing things with much more clarity and precision. And the colors and images are “true” to life. Excellent. Even the “runs a little hot” detail is important here.  I mean as we speak of some specific internal organ issues you are dealing with in your physical form.

As far as the new computer and its display malfunctioning so quickly, would it surprise you to know this has a lot to do with all the projects and videos you processed through it for Quantum Realms? Just think of it. You had your brand new processors take on 50 shows from multiple energetic sources! The processors did okay but a tiny fault in the display overloaded with the energetics of it all. This was an anomaly for sure. The computer repair people are going to be scratching their heads over this one.

-Ok Dolores so really though, what is going on about juggling all these machines with all their issues all at the same time and during such an incredibly important and busy week for not only QuantumHealers but our family too? I mean I spent your entire birthday doing nothing but system troubleshooting and scheduling repair and jumping around between all the machines and their components. (Pause)


-I just answered my own question didn’t I?

And did you notice, as soon as you did this particular machine has paused its blinking? And not to worry about your new machine’s display in the future, they will fix that right up and now that it has acclimated and assimilated the higher vibrational energy of you and your work and your community that won’t happen again. You can also send in this “old” machine and they will upgrade it so you have a good working spare.

You wanted my input on the Bifurcation.

Here it is, very simply put for maximum understanding. Humans are much like computers. You have the body and its DNA (that is like the computer hardware and its pre-installed components) and you have your emotions and intellect (we can call those processors) You have cultural conditioning and beliefs (the software programs you run.) Your stamina and life force are like the batteries and electrical system. You need to plug in to Source to continue to exist.

 Some of this recharging happens at night during sleep but many of you are still missing the need to plug in during waking hours for a different kind of rest and recharge. I keep saying it but I will repeat myself again. Get off the devices. Get back into nature. Humans were designed to live with their feet on the earth, surrounded by all the beauty and variety this planet offers. You will short out and burn out unless you do these things.

You juggling all the computers, machines, programs and parts is the perfect illustration for how much of humanity is shifting. This shifting is between body states and consciousness states and energy states. Your human operating systems are being offered an upgrade! This upgrade is all around you! You can download it and run this program and many are doing just that. You ARE still, however, shifting back and forth between these states as you adjust and allow the newest upgraded system and energies to align and become operational in conjunction with your physical form and all of your energetic states.

This is normal and natural. Remember, this is not only an individual awakening but a human collective awakening. Some of you are more focused purely on the individual aspects but others of you are equally focused. You, Candace, are certainly in the latter group.

You can think of the Bifurcation in this way: A certain portion of humanity cannot and will not accept the new energetics and new 5D operating system. These souls have simply chosen a different path and it is important to remember that they have every right to choose that path. Do not consider them lost. Consider instead that they wish to take a different route. It is not your job to convince them otherwise.

A great portion of humanity is somewhere in the middle, struggling mightily with the back and forth of it all. This can be a bewildering time for that group, but most in this group will eventually wake up and join you. And the already awakened among you are welcoming the change and shift and will more easily complete the process, as you have a greater understanding of what is actually happening.

The Bifurcation Webinar Event is today, April 17, 2021, 3:30pm US Central time.

A new offering this year, which is the fourth year that has been celebrating Dolores Cannon’s birthday and her inspiring and pioneering consciousness exploration, is a LIVE and FREE to the public webinar. This 2-hour webinar’s focus will be “Bifurcation-The Splitting of Worlds.” Everywhere you turn you see this split happening and no where is it more obvious than taking a glance at mainstream and social media. Our webinar is going to be 100% private, to take us outside the realm of “fact-checking” censors. This webinar will also NOT be broadcast on YouTube, Facebook, or anywhere our free speech might be monitored. There has been so much interest in this event I upgraded my webinar program to accept up to 500 people. More than 200 are signed up already. We are requiring registration and also requesting real names to attend/participate. Here is the Link to the invitation and registration is here:

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