Boots On the Ground

There are infinite intelligences within you.

Within each system of your body, within each organ, within each cell. These intelligences, these consciousnesses, are in fact, energy flows, moving in and out of your body and also,  in and out of your awareness. There are exchanges of energies, and different ebbs and flows. Sometimes energy collects and becomes stagnant. Sometimes it leaves in abundance and needs replenishing.

Some people are more aware of these flows than others. Some can be so unaware, their awareness is practically disconnected from them altogether, and others so hyper aware, that the smallest flux is noticed. And one’s awareness need not be consistent overall. You can be hyper aware and unaware at the same time, just within different focus points.

What can affect these intelligences and these energy flows? Everything. Everything affects them.

Everything you say, think or do. Everything you hear, see or imagine. All the food you eat. The place that you live, the people that surround you, your families, your activities, your work, your dreams, your pets, your movements, your ancestors, your soul family and the Earth itself.

You are not some closed off box or system that lives independently of the whole.

And the whole of that “whole” is being revealed. All of the energies, all of the intelligences, all of that which influence.

We speak now specifically about the situation upon your planet Earth.

There are those that vehemently proclaim one must focus entirely on love and peace and abundance and prosperity to encourage energy to flow there; the things we all profess to desire. And while there is great truth to the idea of “where focus goes, energy flows,” to deny the totality of the whole is to limit one’s greater awareness.

As human consciousness awakens – it awakens towards seeing, and becoming aware of the whole. This is necessary. This is required. This in fact is crucial to manifest the change we wish to see. These manifestations are for the individual and yes, for the collective. The consciousness state of humanity as a whole is in fact its own intelligence, that is, itself, becoming aware of itself through you, as you become more aware of the totality of the whole.

Boots in mud.

What are humans – if not the “boots on the ground” upon this Earth? You are here to awaken, to see, to become aware and dream of and manifest and create this change for life for humans on this planet. For yourself. For Humanity. And while we, your unseen cosmic family can offer a measure of energetic support, this remains your world to change. You cannot leave the difficult tasks for others to solve. It just doesn’t work that way.

Denial of extreme cruelty, excusing systemic corruption, shrugging your shoulders at unending deception, and/or any continued and willful ignorance of these energy states, only strengthens their hold and solidifies their presence in your lives.

You came here to make a difference. Each and every one of you you came here NOW to make a contribution. Whether in large and noticeable ways or in quiet and sustained regular action, you, and your actions, great and small are needed to turn the tide.