Catching Up: Pre Solstice Beetle Story Part 2

I’ve always been taken with the term “high strangeness”. I think its an appropriate term for the beetle invasion of the circle. Not only because of that particular event but, because of other things happening within, nearby and with the circle itself.

It was time to directly ask for more information about why the beetles made an appearance when and where they did.

June 18, three days after the blister beetle morning and three days before the Summer Solstice, Tom and I decided to do a regression on me, to see if we could learn more.

In the Cannon method, the “usual” way you lead a person to “the most appropriate” place to find information is by taking a ride upon a cloud and having it take you that appropriate place. We were in that moment in the hypnosis session, where I began to float up to the cloud when I was intercepted. Two beautiful red tailed hawks flew in and took me by the arms and escorted me directly over the Sacred Circle Site, and we spiraled round and round in the sky, floating upon the warm currents of air. Viewing the farm from this vantage point was most lovely and I enjoyed the scenes each turn brought, until the hawks gently deposited me upon the grass, right in the very center of the circle.

Tom then asked me about how it felt to be there, what about my feet, was I standing in the circle? Was I wearing shoes of some kind?

These are standard questions which begin the process of understanding what form/personality the person is taking for the session. Well, it was no surprise to me that I answered that I had no feet and no body. I was just experiencing “my consciousness” which was located within the circle. This is not uncommon in regression work, and at least initially indicated I most likely was not viewing any particular physical timeline in the past.

Soon it was apparent that upon each of the 13 stumps stood a Shaman. Each was singularly unique in costume, age and manner.  I was able to turn within the circle and converse and ask questions of several of them.

I am still processing this amazing and intense experience and likely will be for a very long time.

There was much information provided in the two hour session and I hope to share more in future posts. Here now, is  a transcript of what was said about the beetles:

This Shaman is standing on a stump at the South. He is youngish, long black hair, and bare chested but had many bird feathers around him. He is holding a staff.

The beetles are coming in on a spiral, a swirl. He’s showing me that the beetles came to provide a message. This Shaman has a lot of energy. He is dancing and dipping and swirling as he talks and he’s pointing his staff at me and the beetles and he is being a little belligerent. He is saying “You know why they came here. So just say it. You know why.”

I was entering the circle that morning, the eclipse morning, to engage in a Children of the Sun group “fire” meditation. It is appropriate that a blister beetle which has the characteristic of fire as it can burn skin tissue and intestines was in residence in this place when I arrived. It was attracted by the energy of the circle, the eclipse, and my intention to meditate on the element of “fire”.

There presence was also a lesson in setting aside and conquering fear. These beetles are very powerful, they have the power to kill, and yet they did not. They did not even burn a bit of my skin even though they crawled upon my legs and arms. They came and they swirled and swarmed and pooled their energy within circle and I was, and the horses and all the animals of the farm were safe, even in the midst of a massive amount of potentially deadly insects. We could even consider ourselves blessed by these most hated and feared bugs. They came in part to prove that all can be well in the physical even in the midst of potential massive destruction.

The Shaman said he asked the the beetles to the circle to speak to me and that they did and they added to the energies here and I should not doubt, but trust,  when information comes through the Sacred Circle Site at Atira Moon.