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Black Walnut Tree Ccg

My Friend, the Black Walnut Tree

“I’ve missed you,” I said to the Black Walnut Tree as I lay my hand upon its tall and massive trunk. “I know.” This is the tree that calls to me. This is the tree that has shown me patterns in the branches of the wood and introduced me to the visual orchestral movements and… Read more »

Will Brown Mid Water Channel Snap

Water Alchemy and BQH Immersion

Oh my goodness was this channeling session AMAZING! (TLDR- this channeling is for my upcoming Immersion class only. Channel William Brown along with his wonderful wife Allison Brown teamed up to assist me in connecting to the Element of water this afternoon to provide *exclusive* content and communications for the upcoming BQH IMMERSION live and… Read more »

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Following the Energy Thread

I woke up with Dolores’ voice in my head. “Its really just as simple as following your nose.” I found myself smiling, thinking of all the animals in my life and how important their noses are and how I watch them follow theirs. “Or,” She continued as I slipped out of bed and looked for… Read more »

Boots On the Ground

There are infinite intelligences within you. Within each system of your body, within each organ, within each cell. These intelligences, these consciousnesses, are in fact, energy flows, moving in and out of your body and also,  in and out of your awareness. There are exchanges of energies, and different ebbs and flows. Sometimes energy collects… Read more »