My Friend, the Black Walnut Tree

Touching a large walnut tree in a wood.

This is the tree that has shown me patterns in the branches of the wood and introduced me to the visual orchestral movements and music of the wind that passes through the creek bottom. This is the tree that has appeared in healing sessions with clients, explaining to them, and to me, the connectedness of the Tree Collective.

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Water Alchemy and BQH Immersion

Channel William Brown along with his wonderful wife Allison Brown teamed up to assist me in connecting to the Element of water this afternoon to provide *exclusive* content and communications for the upcoming BQH IMMERSION live and in person course where we will focus on the component of Beyond Quantum Healing we call Water Alchemy.

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Boots On the Ground

What are humans – if not the “boots on the ground” upon this Earth? You are here to awaken, to see, to become aware and dream of and manifest and create this change for life for humans on this planet. For yourself. For Humanit

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