River with No Name

Dolores, what was that dream all about? The imagery was gruesome. I just don’t have dreams, or nightmares, like that. I just don’t.

We can talk about it. Let me ask you a question. How did you feel while watching? Never mind what was being shown to you for the moment, how did you feel?

The first word that comes to mind is dispassionate. Yet, it is hard to imagine one would not be affected by what was in front of me. I was outside the scene, quite aware of what was happening, to include some vivid detail. You know I can’t, I won’t, talk about the imagery of what I saw, even in words. It would be too traumatizing.

You can talk about it and allude to it without going into detail.

It was a river, a river of suffering. But why? Why was this shown to me?

This is a collection of human thought and consciousness, gathering itself up, combining, and moving across the planet. You, as an intuitive and empath, cannot help but to be aware of such a powerful force as it is having great impact upon Humanity. This river has been gathering and building, primarily underground. That will change.

Abstract image turbulent flood water

I do my best to focus on the positive though Dolores.

Yes. And you will continue to do so. But you yourself are quite on point when you talk to others about standing in truth and not denial. When you agreed to incarnate, when you answered the call, as so many heart-based souls have done, to be here now, during this shift, did you imagine your life would be one defined by joy and ease? No. You did not come here because this was going to be easy.

Look to where the “river” is moving-

Towards the water. Crystal clean beautiful water. Always this massive water influx comes in from my right. Always from the East – the water comes into the picture. And it is always most welcome despite its all-encompassing force.

And water is?

Liquid Consciousness.

In my dream I cradle a very young soul and gently place her into the water. But the water isn’t yet combining with the River of Suffering. They are very close, but they have not met. I stand in the middle. Watching.

Meet they will. You and others like you are here, not only to witness, but to assist when it finally does. You will know what to do, you will know how to be. The human spirit nurtures a powerful energy and light.  It carries a flame that others have long envied and long  desired to capture. When more of you can see, can access that light within, that power that you already possess, things will begin to change.

The Higher Realms are supporting you and cheering for you to persevere. Keep your focus on your heart, on that light within. The human spirit, that light, that power, is indestructible. It is a direct line to Source and cannot ever be extinguished.


  1. Eva Reese on January 16, 2022 at 6:07 pm

    There is the cleansing water on its path to refresh, transform our consciousness, create a more clear flowing through Us. Relevant and reassuring. Thanks much to you both for gifting this dream interpretation.

  2. Jeffery Scout on January 16, 2022 at 9:13 pm

    I stand with you in the rush watching a new bright sun shine it’s light From out my heart, but nay, I see also a bright spark next to me, and too our bodies light for also the cell has awareness. As the awareness sees, All pulses with the spark of creator. looking all around we are floating in a flow of tiny sparks by the billions… more
    looking at the sparks…can it be? is it possible? Can what is observed be denied? For yes, these diamonds we ride Are both Black, of deepest, and pure white. We ride on an energy flow of both Good and Evil.
    There is so much that I choose not to float in. We need the fluid to hold us erect and facing the wind, yet allowing us rest from constant push at our desired energy. What If we used an energy to our (evil) could not see? What if e used our hearts?. What if we put our energy into one direction to lean the energies into the direction of the heart. for instance we put Joy into the universe leaning in the direction of integrity in a business deal that has lies.
    Lets us do this the fast way: we will NOT fight the lies, we will simply HAVE Joy Peace And LOVE for integrity (or any heart word)
    I think a heart word list is helpful for many uses.
    Joy Peace Love

  3. Andre Mayer on January 17, 2022 at 9:57 pm

    Thanks Candace I always like to read your conections with Dolores very interesting and mystical

  4. Amanda on February 10, 2022 at 2:55 pm

    Thank you Candace ❤️