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Wichita, Don’t Let Them POISON Your Water

Notice all the press pushing water fluoridation in Wichita? What is the source of this advertising money? We do know that the industries which sell this toxic waste fluoride are profiting greatly. Who else profits? Were you aware that this chemical they claim will make your teeth strong is an industrial waste product? Its true!… Read more »

Atira Moon: Marcia McCoy Returns and CORe Class Reminder

Marcia McCoy, international artist and conduit of Source in Silence high frequency Energy is in Kansas, 2012 for several events starting April 25 – May 9th. Don’t miss her and her colleagues, see calendar: Calendar Snapshot: Details Below April 25 – May 9, By appointment Group, Public, Private Source in Silence Sessions May 5 and… Read more »

Shift 2012 Wichita

Note from Candace: I’d like to introduce Jaci Silvey. Both Jaci and I have “” Groups. I have asked Jaci to tell us about her new one called Shift 2012. I have two groups, one in Austin and another in Wichita, both of mine are called New Earth Journey.  Anyone can join these groups (its… Read more »

Wichita is Waking Up

Hurray~! I see it happening all around me here and it’s almost like folks in Do-dah set their alarm clock to the calendar page of January 2012. I had a hunch it was coming, and yesterday I was absolutely sure of it.  This river city really is waking up. Wow. This is so great to… Read more »