Wichita is Waking Up


I see it happening all around me here and it’s almost like folks in Do-dah set their alarm clock to the calendar page of January 2012.

I had a hunch it was coming, and yesterday I was absolutely sure of it.  This river city really is waking up. Wow. This is so great to see. Nice to have you join us, Sleepyheads.

I’ve had the great pleasure and blessing to live all over the world the last 50 years and intimately learn the character of different continents, countries, states and cities. I cannot recall anyone, ever, really, complimenting our river city on being cutting edge. In any way. It’s just not Wichita’s personality. Oh to be sure, there have been attempts, and grand efforts by many a creative individual and group here, but with few exceptions (fast food? small business?aviation?) Wichita has retained its pragmatic midwestern soul. And that is okay and even commendable. What’s that saying about Wichita?

“If it works in Wichita, it will work anywhere.”

Something like that anyway. Perhaps one of my blog readers will correct me if those words were not quite right. And, by the way, I don’t think there is anything wrong with this city’s personality. It’s just never been the first one to the um, party.

I’m starting a new category on the blog today called “Wichita is Waking Up”. Maybe you live here and maybe you don’t. Maybe you too live in a smallish city or suburb in the heartland or somewhere else on the planet where you find yourself wondering if those around you are noticing what is happening to the very fabric of reality. So even if you don’t live here you might find this an interesting subject because, truly, if it is happening HERE, it absolutely can happen anywhere.