Cell and Organ Regeneration

Continuing my passion of understanding consciousness and spirituality and their combined effects on our health and our lives, I attended a fascinating workshop over the past weekend in beautiful Pagosa Springs Colorado.

Sponsored by the Institute of Light and organized by Mark and Heidi Kimmel and the Cosmic Paradigm Network, Pat Forbes taught a class and process called Cell and Organ Regeneration (CORe). This work was begun by Russian “Spiritual Scientists” and only recently is being translated into English and brought to the West.

Using these methods, facilitators have reported some remarkable results. There have been astonishing claims of instant healings of tumors and terminal illness, other diseases, and even documented reports of regrowth of organs. For instance, there have been women who have regrown ovaries after total surgical hysterectomy and others who have regrown appendix and even teeth.

How is this possible? And why haven’t we heard about it?

Well, we haven’t heard about it because mainstream media won’t report these things and the big corporations who support the media absolutely don’t want you to know about alternative health discoveries. It affects their sales. (Note as well, the current attempt by the FDA to regulate and control vitamins and supplements.)

And how is it possible? It begins with the concept of accepting, in our collective consciousness, things we have been told and have as a species believe are impossible are in fact, completely possible.

The basic idea is that our cells and our DNA absolutely are affected by our thoughts and they listen, and take direction and will “reset” themselves to normal with proper instruction, much like you can reset your computer software programs by rebooting your computer.

Human consciousness absolutely has an effect on physical matter. We are only in the baby stages of understanding how to make use of that fact in our daily lives. There are scientists and seekers and sages all around the world working to share their knowledge.

The CORe program also makes use of special number frequencies that correspond to various body parts and described dis-eases. The theory behind that is that everything in creation has its own special frequency or vibration (like a tuning fork) and in the symphony that is your human body, sometimes a fork goes offline or out of key. The goal with applying the number strings,  is something like tuning a musical instrument.

Far fetched? Certainly, by traditional medical standards. Impossible? Absolutely impossible for those whose reality believes humans are devoid of this ability.  We, as a species have told ourselves, perhaps for eons, such things can not happen, so it has not been a part of the collective human belief system.

I’ve watched videos and read testimonials, but wanted, of course to see proof and results with my own eyes and with my own clients.

I didn’t have to wait long.

During the Sunday session we were working in groups with each person providing an issue to be healed. When it came time to be my turn, I shared an iphone photo of my husband Tom’s hand. He had sent the photo to me via text as I was walking into class. He had been stung by a wasp the day before and his hand was swollen and he was in significant pain.

Here is the photo he sent:

What I didn’t know until later that was that his hand was in reality, even more swollen than what it looked like in this picture. He was starting to become concerned that the hand was getting much worse instead of better, and didn’t want to frighten me with the image of the increasing ballooning state of his hand, so he sent an earlier photo where the swelling did not seem quite as bad. In reality, he was unable to bend his fingers much and it was numb and so swollen he had to remove his wedding ring and loosen his watch.

So five of us sat in a circle and created a “process” or meditation or prayer, to direct the cells in his hand to return to their normal state, a state “one hour” before the venom of the wasp entered his body. We recorded this meditation on my iphone and when it was done, I emailed the video to Tom, along with the number codes for “left hand” and “wasp sting”.

After taking care of the animals at the farm, Tom took himself out to our sacred stone circle and sat and faced the sun. He closed his eyes and listened to our short meditation.

He gave the following report:

“I listened to the meditation and followed along with the visualization. As soon as I started I heard an owl begin to hoot and nearby cattle begin to low. Both of these animal sounds continued for as long as I was in the circle. I put my bare feet on the dirt and paid attention to the spoken words.  At the point in the instructions where my cells were directed to return to the state one hour before the venom entered my hand, there was an immediate and pronounced change in my hand. It was simply startling. It had been numb and tingly and quite painful, and at that moment it felt as if blood came rushing back into my hand, something like what it feels like if your hand had been “asleep”, and the blood returns. The pain and the numbness at that point just vanished. I finished listening to the short meditation and walked back to the house. The swelling had been reduced by half and I had normal feeling in my hand.”

The next day Tom’s hand was completely normal.

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