CORe Healing – a Brief Quote from Grabovoi

When following conventional methods, you must expect to get conventional results.

-Grigori Grabovoi

This Cellular and Organ Regeneration (CORe) work, founded by Grabavoi, resetting cells and reprogramming DNA continues to impress me. I’ve had the opportunity to assist perhaps a dozen people so far with their “self-healing”. One woman is actually attempting to re-grow her uterus.  Yes, this is in fact possible and has been documented in Russia. Why haven’t you heard about this? Why would you? It won’t further mainstream media’s nor its advertisers’ goals of perpetuating the “sick care” industry, nor will it make anyone any “real” money.

This regrowth is possible for my client because she believes that it is possible, and is focusing on manifesting this as her reality. Currently, this lovely woman is experiencing new sensations in her head (neural pathways being created perhaps) and also new twinges in her abdomen.

No one wants to see a future xray or mri showing growth more than I do, except of course this client. Her other organs are falling, she needs the physical support of an actual uterus to regain her health.

No knives. No drugs. Simply accessing the information in the body and applying number frequencies to assist with her goal. How is this possible? Well salamanders can regrow their tails, why can’t humans regrow parts too? I maintain that they can and that some actually do.

The reason regrowing organs or appendages has been “impossible” has been primarily because we, as a collective human consciousness, have decided that we can’t do those things. So we don’t. But it doesn’t have to be that way, and there are new pioneers who are proving what is possible. Someday then it will be in our collective consciousness, so then it will be accepted by all. Of course, that day is not here quite yet. Not for most people anyway.

Think about your computer, you can “reboot”it when it starts giving you problems. You can “travel back into time” and go to a system “restore point” to address software issues. This concept is in fact, possible with your own body by accessing your DNA’s record of what your ideal “blueprint” of health is. Your body is a much more intelligent and remarkable machine than your computer.

Stay tuned for more success stories!