CORe Healing Testimonial Video

Mom is 84, and has multiple health issues. She is pacemaker dependent. She has had congestive heart failure for a decade. Her doctor requires her to wear compression hose but she doesn’t like them very much. Today she had a stocking on one leg, but not the other. She was visiting the farm and complaining about the swelling in her legs and ankles. Truly, the swelling was awful. She called it “grotesque”.

When the swelling gets bad, which is every night, she has to stop what she is doing and lay down for multiple hours to wait for it to go down. Some days the swelling comes along sooner and more severe than others. Today was one of those days.

I asked her if she wanted to try a healing meditation and CORe process for the swelling. She agreed. I only have one regret about the session. I did not take a “before” photograph or video!

The video length is 4:29.


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