Dolores Cannon – My Past Life Regression Session with the Master

It was a brilliantly clear, dark and starry sky the early morning I left to drive to northwest Arkansas for Dolores Cannon’s Past Life Regression class. I remember standing on our driveway mentally going over what I would need for the next five days. I was pretty sure I had packed everything necessary. I opened the back door of the pickup truck and tossed in my backpack.

That’s when time slowed. Waaaaaaaay down.

I watched the backpack leave my hands and arc into the back seat in extremely slow motion. As it inched slowly through midair I imagined the drive. I watched mile after mile of highway pass through the windows. I saw myself drinking coffee and putting fuel in the tank and divining the gas stations with the cleanest restrooms along the way. I felt myself standing at the hotel desk checking in, I heard the key release the lock of the room in which I would stay. I felt the stiff sheets of the springy bed with their faint chlorine smell and then saw the steam waft up from some random baked chicken lunch served banquet style for the group. I felt my hands pull on my sweater more tightly against the chilly air-conditioned classroom as I heard the sounds of paper rustling and the gentle clearing of one or two throats nearby. I watched a woman with presence get up from her chair in the front of the room and begin to walk towards me. And then I heard Dolores Cannon’s voice as clear as a bell in my head.

“Candace, would you be my demonstration subject?”

Thump. The backpack landed in a heap on the backseat. I did not move. I think I was holding my breath. Whoa. I mean WHOA. The “pre” story to how it was even possible for me to be standing in the driveway about to turn the ignition to begin this trip and journey was filled with magic and miraculous and nearly unbelievable events. Apparently, they were not yet over. I wasn’t able to move for a minute or two as I contemplated the scenes and especially the words in my head and the message I just received. I thought of little else the 9 hours it took to get to Fayetteville. I knew that Dolores Cannon was going to do a demonstration of her Past Life Regression technique for the class of those who gathered there to learn the method for themselves. I also knew she likely would be choosing that lucky person from the students taking the class and without the slightest shadow of a doubt knew that subject was going to be me. When I got to Arkansas and began to get to know my classmates I quickly learned that nearly everyone there was hoping to be chosen as the demonstration subject. Well of course they were. At the time Dolores’ waiting list for personal sessions was over a year.

As class began and the hours flew by, I paid very close attention and watched many of my classmates offer to be the demo subject during breaks or any time they were near Dolores. As I recall she would say to each in turn, “Okay, I’ll put your name in the hat!” Then she would write their name on a pad of paper she kept on the corner of her table. I started thinking I needed to tell her to put my name in the hat too, if I wanted the chance to be regressed by Dolores. I agonized over what to do. I had something like the following conversation going on in my head:

“You should walk up there and tell her you would be the demonstration subject too! How else will she know to possibly choose you? Just look at how many have offered. Is it half the class yet? At least that many. That means about 15 people have already told her they would do it. You need to add your name. “

Which would be followed by: “There is no need to offer whatsoever. This is absolutely your destiny. You know in your heart already you will be the one who has the honor of the experience. It doesn’t matter how many in the class offer. As a matter of fact the entire class could do so, and you would still be chosen.” Which would then be followed by:“Okay, but shouldn’t I give her my name? Just in case? What if I blow my opportunity by not doing that!” Which would then be followed by: “Trust this feeling. Have faith.”

Dolores stood up from her chair and table at the front of the room. “Okay, so now it is time to choose the demonstration subject for tomorrow’s regression session.” She walked around the table and came down through the row of chairs beaming and smiling at her admirers and students. She walked almost to the back of the room where I was sitting. “I know a lot of you wanted to be the demo and so many of you gave me your names to put in my hat. I do choose that way sometimes, I pick out a name using little pieces of paper.” She walked the last few steps to the last row of chairs. “But sometimes, ‘they’ just tell me who to choose.” She made the little quote gesture in the air as she said the word “they.” Often this is how Dolores described the “subconscious” or greater power that worked with her and her clients in her method. She stood next to my chair and looked down at me and asked, “Candace, would you be my demonstration subject?”

I immediately burst into tears. “Yes, Dolores, of course, I would be honored.” I remember the face of the gal who sat next to me. My roommate, who very much wanted that honor and had asked for it, and had known that I did not. “Surprise” didn’t quite measure up to describing her reaction. I barely slept that night I was so nervous and excited. What kind of past life would I have? Would I recall some sort of horrible life? What if I learned I had been a cruel dictator or had killed another human? The “what ifs” continued all night long. I prayed to my angels to comfort me, to guide me and to promise not to leave me for even one moment.

I finally gave up sleeping at about 4am and got showered and dressed. I spent the next couple of hours walking the hotel which was the Holiday Inn in Fayetteville off of Interstate 49. This hotel has an indoor pool and I just walked and walked around the lobby and pool area while my thoughts marinated in the smell of chlorine. Finally it was time for breakfast. I met my classmates for coffee and watched the others eat the hotel food that I was too nervous to attempt to eat myself. Everyone there was so kind about my upcoming adventure. The last minutes ticked by slowly. As we gathered in the ballroom the tables were pushed towards the back of the room and the chairs were gathered around Dolores’ table and a rollaway bed was brought in for me to lay on during the session.

Oh my that bed! It is a big detail in my memory of the whole experience. It was ancient. It was squeaky and the springs were big and poked through the cheap and well used flattened mattress. Quite frankly, it was awful and extremely uncomfortable. As everyone was getting ready and Dolores was getting her equipment set up, she looked over and smiled, “Are you comfortable?” Dang. No, I actually was not. I settled for the honest answer of “I’m trying to be comfortable.” I found if I tried to lay on the upslope of the mattress which was flattened in the middle I could keep most of the springs out of my back, but if my weight moved to the middle I would be rudely poked. I wondered if this bed would ruin my whole experience!

At this point I had a couple of classmates walk up to me and squat and whisper words of encouragement and more. One lovely woman, a friend to this day, suggested I focus on my pineal gland or 3rd eye during the induction and gave me a hug and kiss for good luck. Another lovely very psychic soul came to me with wide eyes and hushed tones what she was currently witnessing in the room.

“Don’t be afraid about what I am going to tell you but you need to know this: There are angels here,” She whispered excitedly. “Now, I am used to seeing angels. I see them all the time, but what is happening here, right now is something that I have never seen in all of my years of clairvoyance. At first, when I became aware of the energies surrounding your bed, your head, I wasn’t sure of what I was seeing. As soon as I walked into the room I saw towering columns of golden light surrounding you. They are astoundingly large and there are so many of them. I was watching, and wondering what sort of energy I was seeing and thought that they were gathered here for us all. But then it became very clear. These are huge angelic presences and they are gathered for you and your session. They extend far beyond even these tall ballroom ceilings way up into the atmosphere.  They largest and strongest I have ever seen in my life, and more angels are here right now than I have ever personally witnessed gathering on any occasion!”

I will forever be grateful for the sharing of that information, it was indeed comforting, but it did not ease my nervousness! It actually made me even more wide-eyed and alert. I was about to be regressed by the world’s most experienced past life regressionist, I was apparently surrounded by giant angels and there was an audience of about 30 people gathered to see what would happen during the session. I seriously felt like I had just had one or two shots of espresso, and it did not seem, at the time, at all likely that I was about to enter a deep state of relaxation.

But of course that is exactly what happened.

I watched Dolores put a blank cassette tape into the recorder with some amusement. A cassette? This was 2008. Who used cassette recorders? Dolores Cannon did, that’s who. (And I believe she continued to do so for several more years even when there were few manufacturers left even making them.) She told me she would be making a copy and she would be mailing me my own cassette. Great, I thought. I don’t have anything that plays that ancient technology! But I still have that cassette. It is pictured below:

Cassette from my Dolores Cannon PLR.

Finally everyone was settled and we were ready to begin. I took a deep breath. I knew that my life was about to change. And I was right. In the first part of Dolores’ induction she asks you to “see a red bird” which is how and why our dear teacher is so often associated with red birds, and especially cardinals. She gets the client’s visual part of the brain working and then begins to have them relax and let go. Very quickly, my heart began to slow down, tension flowed out of my body and my arms and legs began to feel heavy.

As Dolores talked on, I became more and more relaxed. My mind became more and more focused and sort of just floated there expectantly, taking it all in. Curiously, or perhaps not, actually, my conscious awareness never left me. I knew at all times, that I had a physical body that was laying on an ancient rollaway bed in a ballroom in Fayetteville Arkansas, experiencing a regression session, even while I was taken to a very vivid past life experience.

This is rather an important point when one talks about Dolores Cannon and her method, and one I explore in more detail with my own clients. Being hypnotized, even deeply so, does not at all mean the same thing as being under anesthesia. Certainly some individuals experience clinical somnambulism, the sleepwalking state where little to nothing is recalled afterwards, but that percentage of people is actually quite small. Dolores did quite often say she took her clients to that state: somnambulism, but in time explained that her definition and the scientific and clinical one did not match completely. In Dolores Cannon’s definition of somnambulism, the client sees and feels everything as if they were actually there. They can smell, touch, taste and feel deep emotional states as if they were actually in that life, that body, that place. She stated that whether or not one recalled all the details afterward did not change her definition. And for many people the details do fade, just like a dream, even if they recall every bit of it at the time.

So something like a movie, or a detailed daydream began to transpire. It started with two Archangels, Michael and Raphael. With AA Michael on my left and AA Raphael on my right they picked up my elbows, and escorted me. At first I saw nothing at all, just felt movement. I even giggle a little bit at this point. I felt we were moving towards my left. This was funny to me because one of the primary goals of the session was to discover and heal the source of my physical body pain which was almost completely focused upon my left side. Then it felt as if we were going down towards the planet. They landed me safely on the ground, slowly and gently backed away from me and then just disappeared. I was left standing just a few feet from a red rocky face of a hill.

Dolores asked me what I saw. I told her I saw a rock “wall,” but it was not a man made wall, it was just the mountain. I saw there was an opening in the rock, a cave. I had some anxious feelings about what might be in store for me if I went into the cave and as I stood there in front of this cave opening I felt like I did not know enough about what was happening or what I was experiencing or “whom” exactly I was. I felt very…wispy. “Not quite there.”

Dolores just kept asking questions, and I just kept answering them. The more she asked, the less unsure I felt about the process or what was happening. I began to “settle” into the body into the story of the past life I was experiencing. Dolores asked me if I felt male or female, and what my body felt like. I looked down and was surprised to see big, red, hairy feet. I answered, “Rough and hairy.” I felt like I was some sort of early human, like a caveman and I was very hairy, a red colored hair, and I was absolutely male. Also, I was alone, and decided that the cave I was looking into was “mine.”

Now, at the same time I felt myself becoming more and more sure about what was happening in my past life experience I was also very much aware of laying on the rollaway bed in the hotel room. As a matter of fact I seemed to be hyper-aware of both places. I could hear clicks of ballpoint pens. I could hear paper rustling. One quite memorable moment I heard the doors open at the back of the room. Apparently, the hotel staff was bringing in more coffee or tea or something for the refreshment table. I felt the entire room turn toward the door and most of class wave their arms in unison as if to say, “please go.” I really heard and felt that arm wave. Yet I was laying down, had my eyes closed and I was also in another world.

Dolores was asking about my cave and I was telling her I lived there. She asked, “Well if you live here there is nothing to be afraid of, is there?” and I said, quite loudly,”There is always something to be afraid of!” I began to feel the extreme emotions of the caveman. Dolores continued to ask questions and I began to learn about myself as I answered them. I lived alone. I ate mostly fruit from the big trees but sometimes I ate small animals. I had a fire and I did cook meat but sometimes I was too hungry to wait to cook the meat through. My life was very basic. Eat and try not to be eaten. I had to be very careful about the animals outside who wanted to eat me.

My days consisted of staying as safe as possible, usually in the cave, until I was too hungry and weak to stay much longer and I would have to go out to eat. I think there was a season for fruits but when the weather changed the main food was animals. The days where I would be unsuccessful in hunting and I would come back to the cave even weaker and my stomach hurt a lot from hunger.

There were “others like me” nearby but I was ostracized. One of the reasons was that I was the “wrong” color. Most of the others were dark brown in color. I was quite red and that made me very suspect. I also had “ideas” about how to try to trap or catch animals that which the other cave people did not understand nor approve. I lived alone because I looked different and I thought about solving problems in a different way that was not accepted by the others. At this point I began crying. My stomach hurt. My actual stomach laying in the ballroom hurt and my caveman stomach too. I was crying not only because my stomach hurt but because of the sometimes difficult job of simple survival. I very much was feeling the emotional state of that man in the cave.

Dolores asked, “Does that mean you are scared all the time?” I was describing having to be wary of the big tigers and bear-like creatures while outside looking for food. I told her I was not scared when I had food. I had the stones and cave to protect me. When I had food, “everything was wonderful.” I told her the big cats would sometimes try to come into the cave but I could find smaller spots within that would protect me because they were so big and could not get to me. She said, “Oh so you are smarter than the cats,” I said, “Oh I don’t know, they seem pretty smart to me.”

Dolores then asked about the others nearby. I described them as people from which I mostly shied away. They fought amongst themselves, “wasting so much energy” and they did not appreciate any of my new ideas about how to trap game or gather food in groups. The fighting was always about who was going to be “the leader.” I found the concept to be stupid and said, “Who cares about who the leader is as long as you bring home the food?”

The next thing that happened in the session is that Dolores moved me to “an important day,” and that day ended up to be the day of my death. I found myself on a narrow ledge with a steep drop to the bottom of a canyon. I was being chased there, and at first I was not sure by what or whom. I was wishing I had my “stick and vine” tool to help me get out of that pinch. I mentioned how the other beings thought me stupid to use these “tools” I was shown again how different I was, and why I did not fit in…Dolores tells me how she thinks the other ones are stupid because they don’t listen to how things might be done more effectively and efficiently.

It was then that the other people showed up on the ledge too. There was a group of them, many carrying spears, which were really just pointed sticks. They were walking toward me, pointing their sticks in a menacing way. They wanted me to jump off the ledge and kill myself. “Why do they want to do that?” Dolores asked. “Because I am trouble.” I answered, plus, they wanted to take my cave for themselves. They wanted me to jump because it was easier for them for me to kill myself than for them to do it themselves, but I would not give them the easy way out. “They are going to have to kill me,” I said. I remember looking at one very young boy at the back of the group. Meeting his eyes. He was being taught to hate and kill that which was not accepted as normal. They were encouraging this very young child to join them in stabbing me. The vision of the young boy made me infinitely sad. My life was only about trying to suggest ways to improve life for everyone, but the narrow-mindedness and petty egos of the others were unable to embrace new ways of thinking. Me, and my new ideas were being extinguished with violence, hatred and above all – fear.

They stabbed me with sharp sticks until I fell off the ledge. My consciousness left the caveman body even before it hit the floor of the canyon. Dolores asked me if I could see it. I said, “Yes, it’s on the ground near the water.” I almost chuckled at this point. “Well, someone is going to eat today.” I peered at the broken and lifeless form below.

Dolores was asking me about the people who killed me. “How do you feel about what they did?” I told her I felt sorry for them. “You are not angry?” I told her they were not evolved. They did not have the capacity for growing and learning. They just were not ready. Dolores then asked about my life’s lesson and purpose. I told her I would not fight, I would not be ignorant like the others, even if I had to die early. I would follow my heart and my truth, try to help others and accept myself as being different. I tried my very best to co-exist with the unevolved others and help them.

The theme for that life is one I have focused on for many lifetimes including this one! Happily I have many friends and family who fully support me in my current life and are quite highly evolved humans.

It was a hard life for the caveman, as he was focused on basic survival. When Dolores asked my “subconscious” (or my Higher Self or Soul Self, abbreviated to SC) why I was shown this life, what relevance did it have on my current life? The answers were that the hard experiences were the ones with the most valuable lessons and that I had a great imagination and that my imagination would take me far in this life too. I was told that I was quite different from other people then, as well as now, and being different “forges a path for others even when they do not see it.” I was told it was a “given” that in every life I would ever experience I would be this: Different from others. Dolores asked “How is she different?”

I remember the answer and information then being…somewhat censored and simplified and even narrowed. My SC did say that it had to do with the time we were in, the energetics of the planet and my particular physical form that was so sensitive that is was being affected far more than other bodies. Also that it was very new information and not quite ready to be released. I am only now, more than seven years later beginning to understand just exactly what that means.

I was told I almost always picked very hard lives and that I am “progressing rapidly.” My SC told me to spend more time outside- more time with my horses and to stop working so hard. I have to smile as I write that. I am still very busy, in some ways busier than ever. That advice, I am sure, remains applicable to today!

Dolores spent a long time bargaining and asking for the SC to help heal my body so that I could be healthy and in balance. I was told over and over again that my physical body was unlike most human physical bodies on earth and this healing was not as simple “as it usually is.” I was told I was one of the very few “with this particular frequency” who were even able to bear living children. (I had two high risk and pregnancies where I was hospitalized for weeks and months on end, but bore two beautiful and healthy children who are thriving young adults today.)

I was supposed to help with the transition of humankind. Both into the new vibratory levels of the New Earth and also with those who leave their physicality and pass into the next plane of existence. “After death communication” and expressing the “beauty” that can and does exist in death was emphasized. I was told to create all manner of projects to assist with these concepts and to continue to write, write, write.

I was admonished for being too often connected to “electrical devices” and not spending enough time outdoors. The balance between working indoors on devices and being outdoors and recharging health was off. I was encouraged to move more oxygen through my lungs and spend more time with the horses, the dogs and with nature. Dolores then said, it was time to end the session and asked the SC if they had any final message it wanted to give me. They said, “Yes. Your hard work and your effort is being acknowledged. It is a good thing, and we are proud of you.” Dolores then ended by saying, “I really appreciate you helping her. I do. I understand her. I understand where she is coming from. I’m happy you were able to help.”

And that was the end of the session.

One of the first things Dolores asked me when I sat up was if I remembered anything. I said, “Yes. I remember it all.” She laughed and said, I probably just thought that I did, but I did in fact remember every bit of what happened. Now, she was correct that some of the details did begin to fade, but for me that was not for a long while. By the time I received my cassette in the mail, however, I had forgotten quite a few small details and some bigger ones too.

Dolores mentioned that the next three days of my life might be very interesting indeed, that often one remains “open” to downloads and information and other super-normal experiences. She was not kidding. The very next day on the drive home to Texas I literally slipped into some sort of a time warp. I won’t make this article any longer by focusing on the details of what happened that next day but let’s just say I ate breakfast in a diner off of route 40 in western Arkansas that absolutely did not exist in 2008! Another story for another day…

So, did the session change my life? Absolutely. My body pain did not disappear immediately, but I found myself more comfortable very soon indeed and by the time 4 months or so had passed, and I was on my new path practicing Dolores’ method with others, and also asking for SC assistance, I did improve and soon the all-over pain that used to plague my every waking day, simply vanished.

I have been practicing Dolores’ method of Past Life Regression now called Quantum Healing for more than 7 years. Dolores gave me permission to create and manage her official and professional online support Forum for all practitioners in December of 2008 and I continue to do so even to this day. We have helped countless other practitioners all around the world. Before her death in late 2014, I was blessed and honored to assist her teaching in her live Quantum Healing classes in Arkansas for several years.

The amazing thing about Dolores Cannon is that even though she is not physical in our 3rd dimension, she is more alive than ever in the world of Quantum Healing! She makes herself known to practitioners, students, clients and even her fans in sessions, intuitions, dreams and more and she is still teaching her method via video tape online. And wouldn’t you know that she would? After nearly 50 years of communicating across time and space with countless people and other beings from the past and future and other worlds, she remains a Master teacher and in communication with those who are still here on the planet and still hard at work uncovering lost knowledge and discovering new knowledge and assisting others to recover their health and create happiness and learn their purpose in life. I am honored to be one of the thousands of living legacies to her work.

(Please stay tuned as I will be releasing audio of this session very soon! I will edit this article archive to contain the link when I finish that project. It will certainly be on my Youtube channel but I may begin by initially presenting it on my New Earth Journey BBS radio show. If you’ve ever wanted to hear Dolores Cannon in an actual regression session, this will be your chance.)

I am also proud to announce the creation of yet another new project to help assist humans in this rapidly changing world of transition! Debuting this coming Friday, September 18 on the radio network will be a brand new show that will have its very foundation based upon Dolores Cannon’s work and discoveries. Quantum Healing with Candace will focus on humankind’s new understanding and acceptance of the Quantum world and the role that consciousness plays in shaping both our individual and collective reality. Guests will include friends and colleagues, Quantum Healing Practitioners from around the world who will share their stories of miraculous healings and convoluted information. We will also broaden our understanding of this infinitely fascinating subject by talking with others such as healers, shaman, clergy, authors, teachers, scientists, medical professionals and more! Please join us.

Permission to share this blog article is granted as long as all of the information and links remain intact and unchanged. Copyright 2015 Candace Craw-Goldman

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