Down on The Farm – Anne Ashley

Anne Ashley guest blogs today for the delight of all who take the time out to read about her adventures so far in America at Atira Moon. Annie is here with her husband Steven Jones from London to do some speaking about his new book. (More on that topic soon. Steven is a life long ET Experiencer)

Note there was a small gathering of people on 10-11-11 in the portal and she mentions that extraordinary event as well as her own personal adventures.  I will have more to say soon about what happened in the sacred site circle. Lets say the event left us all, to use an English term, “gobsmacked”. -Candace

The Aliens return Abroad…. Augusta Kansas 13th October 2011

Down on the Farm. A tale of two hounds, a sedate lady and a very, very naughty skunk…

The two English Aliens have returned abroad and back to their beloved USA. It seems so long since we were last here, which is of course ridiculous being only a month or two.

The plan is for Steve to do more talks and for us to be able to share in, what is ..“Life on a Kansas farm” for a while, with dear friends who are taking such good care of us.

We left home at 8 o’clock a.m. on Sunday and arrived here about 24 hours later by our time. Traveling is so grueling at times and we again did one of those hub things where although the second plane took off and then appeared to land straight back down again as the trip was so short, we had to in fact hang around in Dallas airport for 4 hours for the interconnection.

This wait was mitigated by the arrival of our friend Tom who had linked up his return to his farm where we are staying, from Austin where he was working and coincided it to travel with us for the last part of the journey. We didn’t know he was doing this and so I had gone on a walk–about to pass time and read the wonderful National Enquirer in the shop and see what is really going on in the world. Big tongue in cheek here. (I am not allowed to buy it as Steve refuses to hand over his dollars for such rubbish. I can’t understand why he feels this way as these reporters know everything about everything including apparently the most intimate thoughts and behaviours of our new royalty member – Kate. I swear one of the reporters must be living alongside the two newly weds, such is in breadth of his awareness of their life) Anyway, after I had read all the newspapers and magazines in the shop and was becoming aware of the stares of the cashier, I returned to Steve and was accosted in an amazing bear hug by a man.. I had just been about to plant a kiss on the top of Steve’s head from this threw me completely!!
It’s one of those situations where if you are not expecting to see someone for a few seconds your brain does not compute and I had no idea who was hugging me in this way, but he seemed very pleased to see me, so I thought “well that’s good!”

Steve had jumped up as he thought I was under attack and then Tom said “Where did you get to, I saw you come out and I waiting to greet you and you disappeared?!” He must have thought that Steve had been abducted on arrival!
However, we had been shunted to a different security system by an official who told us the queue was not so long ‘round the corner’. All lies, it was a long walk and there was just as big a queue, but of course Tom could not see where we went. He then tracked us down in the departure lounge.

Tom whisked us into the special airport lounge for people who know how to travel. An oasis in the frantic world of airports. Us normal people don’t even know these little oasis’s are there at the back of airports. No noise, nice food if you are hungry and great seats.. such bliss after such a long trip. Apparently there were showers and a gym if we were so inclined. We were not.

Candace picked us up in her Dad’s Cadillac.. another great treat, as I love old American cars and as promised, we had bought the sorely needed rain. I had spent the last few months, once we knew we were coming here, asking for rain to accompany us and it was pouring. Great stuff. They were very pleased. And a good soaking was just the last pleasure to add to the many, of our journey.

The farm is about a half hour drive from Wichita and we arrived in the dark, so we couldn’t the see the size of it but knowing that farms in England generally are a few acres I was not prepared for how big it actually is. More like half a county to our little city minds!!

We got to meet some of the farm occupants that night. There are 3 dogs altogether but only two were at home at that moment. Cowboy, is a beautiful Labrador who soon succumbed to Steve’s charm and enticements, but Finn an exquisite Viszla – (a Hungarian bird-hunting dog) would have none of it. He is a rescue dog who just turned up here, knowing that he would find kindness and care and love, love, love. All it would appear, he had known before, was pain and terror. He is slender and gorgeous but we are told he is now twice the size he was when they took him in, being so thin you could see his heart beating through his chest. He stays well away running round the house trying to make sure you don’t get near enough to pet him and so we have yet to win him over, although Steve has managed to stroke him whilst Candace stayed next to him. Cowboy takes such good care of him that Tom and Candace say that Finn is Cowboy’s dog and tell him to go get his dog and he does.. so lovely to see.

Poet is the Cat who is o.k. with us, but the other cat Nicky, who is so very beautiful…. is also very wary, as again this cat was rescued. Once again we have come across this strange dichotomy here in the States of meeting so many people who have rescue dogs and cats and so there are people with such big hearts who open their homes to these damaged little beings, but I wonder about the other side of that coin of the people who damaged them so badly.

In the morning I went out to the Paddock with Tom to see the horses.. Rio a male, or a used to be male.. poor thing!!, then Mama Belle and Luna Belle.  I am a little wary of horses since one bit Steve a while ago, so of course they sense this immediately and kept a little distance until they could feel that I felt safe and then they came forward to check me out. They are so beautiful and Rio has pale blue eyes, which look so unusual in a horse. In the enclosure next to them is a wonderfully feisty little donkey called Elvis. It is Elvis who has won Steve’s heart and he adores him. He is “guard-donkey” as he will keep the coyotes at bay and will in fact kick and kill one if it tried to get near to the horses. The coyotes gave us full song on our first night and it was lovely to hear them. However, the skunk also turned up and did a turn, which in skunk terms means he gave us a little puff of his fetching odour into the air filtering into our bedroom. So kind…

We got to hear the horrors of Skunk oil. My mind boggled at how invasive it is, how the longevity of the smell lasts for months.. not days or weeks and how it cannot be washed off or out of clothes, skin or especially inquisitive dogs. Even being in the proximity of where the smell has been without it actually getting on you, is enough to make you have to throw objects away. I determined that if I saw him, I would give him great respect and not do anything which might alarm him into showing off his aromatherapy skills to this English aromatherapist..

Tom took me out the next morning on a little kind of go-cart, called a Gator, to go over the whole plot and to our little suburban minds .. it is VAST. I would get lost once I went past the first fence but Tom knows his land like the back of his hand and his paths created by his hard work with the tractor are obviously his pride and joy. The dogs chased the cart all the way and obviously love every minute of being alongside this man they adore. I was petrified they would go under the wheels and they remind me of the Irish dogs who chase cars and try to bite the tyres.. but that’s the Irish for you, always being more creative in everything they do!

Steve got the tour after me as the Gator only seats two at a time. He too was so surprised at how much land is here. He got to drive the Gator and then he got to drive a tractor, which he took to like a duck to water and took some hay out to the horses and then out to a pasture. The horses instantly loved him so all his daily walks to feed the horses over on Harlow common where we live, paid off big time. Tom had bought us our own farm tee shirts and gloves and a fetching cowboy kerchief. They will match the amazing Two Step cowboy hats which we packed and bought with us, again a lovely gift from Tom.

The rain had made a big difference, as already the grass was greener than the day before. It has been very hard here with continual high temperatures and no rain. Candace and Tom are treating this land with such reverence and care and doing everything organic and I think the land is responding to that, so that the native grass they planted – without any pesticides or fertilizers – is doing better than the neighbours and it would appear that it is the morning dew which is keeping it all going. Nature is so wonderful if you let her be.

Candace has found a little circle of land here, which appears to have a very interesting quality. She looked out to the field one day and had what could only be described as a ‘vision’ although it appeared so real to her that she attempted to capture what she was seeing on her phone camera. A huge column of light was over the field and inside it seemed to be laser lights zipping back and forth. She couldn’t tell if it was coming up or coming down but as it appeared to be coming down she thought it must be from a craft of some sort but there was nothing in the air. It did not record on her phone much to her chagrin.

In the next few days life moved her in a certain direction to come in contact with an amazing lady who is going all over the world and energizing ‘Portals’ or energetic stone circles. Candace ended up going to see her and when she saw the artwork which Marcia does, it was exactly a replica of what is being sensed in this circle on this land. Tom and Candace have now outlined this circle in the land with 13 large tree stumps so it looks like a wonderful mini Rollright Stones (which can be found in Oxford, England) and they have had gatherings here with ceremonies in the circle and it is just wonderful. I had bought a special crystal, which I had been energizing at home to be buried here and we had a gathering on Tuesday night of friends of Candace’s and Marcia. Marcia was to conduct a ceremony and make the most of an incredibly full moon energy. One of the party did some amazing sound work with a huge gong and it was really quite special to be able to experience how this works, as it a modality which I have never explored… Sound vibrational work.

Candace Smudges, Marcia Prepares, Steve and Annie Wait

The ceremony itself was quiet, meditative and we were really waiting for Marcia to lead us but she conducts the ceremony in silent contemplation. Suddenly an incredible noise went past the circle. I can only describe it like a boomerang going.. Whoosh, Whoosh, Whoosh, .. it only seemed to ‘switch on’ as it got the parameter of the circle, we did not hear it coming and neither did we hear it disappear into the distance. There was nothing to see, but everyone said.. “What was that!!!” Steve had an understanding that it was a UFO and was able to describe to us what it was. Meanwhile I was watching a UFO, which was off in the distance but stayed around Marcia’s head, in my line of vision. It went up, along, stopped, went back, up again, got bright then diffused, then after about 10 or 15 minutes it just went straight up in the air. After quite a while we then disbanded and talked about what we had felt or seen. For me, apart from the noise, the Ufo’s, the lovely people and the gong!!, my favourite experience was watching the cloud bank over the circle. The clouds formed a perfect circle over our heads, very much like the clouds in Close Encounters of the Third Kind, when the Craft is coming on in over the mountaintop. It was beautiful and as soon as we started to break up the energy and talk, the cloud circle started to dissipate, quite extraordinary. There were 13 of us altogether (although Candace did not in the end know how many would turn up), and that was perfect too, as there are 13 tree stumps, one for each of us to sit on. The full moon was spectacular and made everyone visible to each other.

I picked up lots of really interesting energetic anomalies, more than I have ever experienced before in any Stone circle and some of it was confirmed by Marcia or Candace as having been experienced by other people. I still need to sit down and try to draw what I saw and we will spend more time going out there and doing some meditations. At one point Steve was holding on to my arm as my body was being swayed so hard from side to side by the energies! Such a drama queen!

Raven the female dog has now joined us, she was taking a holiday with Candace’s parents and the menagerie in the house is now complete. 3 dogs – 2 cats and oh I forgot.. 9 chickens, which come and sit with us on the porch and give us the most amazing fresh eggs. It’s my job to go collect and I love it… I have to cover up my toenails and my pretty flip flops as they believe both could be strawberries and they peck at them, failing that they will have a munch on Tom’s ankles. One landed on his lap as he was reading his newspaper on his iPad and was very disgruntled to be dumped back down on the deck. Country life!!

Last night a quick squall came on in and with the power of the internet, Tom was able to say it was coming and how long it would last. Amazing. I went into the bedroom and it was lashing down outside the bedroom window and yet the front porch was still sunny. As predicted it did not last long, about one fifth of an inch, but because the sun came out quickly we were treated to a wonderful double rainbow.

So Steve got up from his nap and took himself off for his jaunt around the fields as he seems to have adopted the land and all who live on it, as his own. The dogs took off with him, as Finn will not allow Cowboy to go and have fun without him, but the sedate lady Raven sat with us and watched. Elvis and the girls and Rio got some attention, but Steve was into a long walk. On his way back however, Tom yelled out to watch out as Cowboy was trying to roll, a sure sign that he could have encountered Mr Fragrant Skunk out for a jaunt too. Finn had been barking and rushing off so Steve had felt something was amiss but did not know what.

He came back with the dogs and all heck broke loose. Cowboy had apparently encountered the fragrant black and white one and got some attention from said creature. Candace and Tom became as lively as I have ever seen anyone be from a very laid back – enjoying the sunset- on my porch – position and all the doors were quickly shut off to Steve and dogs especially Cowboy who had no idea what he had done, but knew it was something….. terrible….. head down … tail down.. poor thing.

Steve had to strip off, pass the Candace nose test, (wish I had filmed this bit, Steve is so unused to having someone sniff him).. and had to change his clothes and put them in a bag which was sealed. Finn meanwhile was trying to get in and he knew something really …. terrible… was going on and he wanted to get in under the table and out of it all.. However, in the sniffing contest.. Candace ascertained that Finn won hands down.. Go Finn!! Poor thing apparently had got the full attention of Mr Skunk.. Cowboy apparently, might have only passed through the vapour …

Steve sat with me saying he should be in the doghouse with the dogs, he felt awful. As if he knew the skunk was there, or that the dogs would go and interact to see who could dodge the noxious vapour cloud, the quickest.

Poor Candace and Tom, who are veterans to this situation, knew that they had to somehow clean up the dogs, as they could not possibly come back into the house. They found a recipe for a mix on the Internet and luckily they had all the ingredients. It then became like a scene out of a virus attack war zone. Both had to put on really old clothes, old shoes and big industrial gloves. The dogs can not be washed initially as it is Skunk oil and if you add water, it then carries the oil onto the dogs skin.. Disastrous! So this concoction made up into a paste has to lathered onto them and rubbed off. Candace had to keep taking time out just to breathe as it is all so overpowering and also she could not keep up her potent sniffing abilities to know where to work next, as her nose was so full of the smell.

Steve and I made ourselves very small on the sofa and kept saying.. ‘Can we help?’ Telepathically I heard.. ‘I think you’ve done enough thanks” but the wonderful duo swear this was not their thoughts and Candace seemed to be genuinely delighted that I would have a good story to tell on my first blog account. I think Skunks might take over from American Bathrooms and wandering suitcases.

(Our new suitcases, by the way, stayed with us..all the way.. most impressive)

The new Internet advice worked a treat apparently and Cowboy was let back in although Finn has to stay out for a while. He keeps looking in the window saying.. ”But what did I do?!!” and Cowboy keeps hanging his head and says…”I’m not sure what we did.. but it was bad… real bad….” Bless them. It’s very lucky that Finn will not let me touch him anyway, as I would feel so guilty not being able to pet him.

Raven stayed sedately watching it all and wondering what the fuss was all about. Poet the cat stayed under the table, I think because anything, which is black and white, which he is, and is a little critter probably should keep out of the way for a while.

Finally after ages, Tom and Candace came on it and seemed so relieved that the paste had worked. First time they had ever seen a solution to skunk oil.

Steve and I went to bed and just for good measure I think Skunky boy came and gave a little triumphant whiff outside our window, just in case we felt left out. The coyotes howled – I actually could detect laughter in their song – and we finally all got to bed.

6 a.m. Tom and Steve were up and out for their 9 hour trip to Austin and some time together doing ‘boy stuff’.. football matches and suchlike and so Candace and I are having a great time just catching up….and putting the world to rights…and sitting in the circle with the sun going down.. magic…
Much love