Dreaming of Light Bodies

I don’t normally share dreams this publicly. I try to journal most dreams and I also belong to an online dreaming group. Dreams are the topic of conversation there, of course. But more and more people I know are talking about their dreams and many are finding their dreams changing. How about you? Had any good ones lately? Here is one I had January 19, 2012. From my journal:

I dreamed I was watching humans become light beings. I was observing and not participating. I watched as individual people either decided to become light beings or “decline” the opportunity.

I saw that the SUN ITSELF was “delivering” the information. Those who “accepted” this information began to become translucent. The more the information was accepted and allowed, the more translucent the being became.

I flew around in consciousness, observing and watching in wonder, as beings transformed. There were all stages of transformation happening. Most of it was very very subtle. Just beginning. Some people were much farther along than others. There seemed to be a tipping point of sorts, for some, where the bodies would “finish” their transformation quickly with a rush of light and the body would be completely translucent.

I was watching a time lapse. I knew the scenes I was watching were compressed time, this was not just a moment in time but a collection of moments and I was seeing into the future for lack of a better way of putting it, but that concept doesn’t seem to fit the situation very well. I wonder if it is because of the idea that the collapsing of time is really imminent.

As I watched all manner of beings transform, children, adults, older adults, I wondered about my own grandmother who, at 104 years old is still alive in real life. Her eyes and her ears have nearly stopped working but she is in pretty good health. (as an amazing aside, she claims to have no body pain!)

I seemed to ask an unknown presence. “What about Grandma Craw”? Can she transform to a lightbody too? Is she too old?

The answer was no, no one on the earth is too old. All you need to participate is to be alive.

End of dream.

The dream was wonderful, truly I awoke from a marvelous and magical and shimmering place of light. Waking up from the dream into the dense, slow world of the physical was quite a contrast. The dream and its details stayed with me for a long while.

As I walked through my morning I replayed the scenes of people transforming into glowing, shimmering bodies of light. I wondered, what would that feel like? To be in a body made of  light? What would it feel like to be translucent?

Still thinking about this very thing I opened the door and walked outside into the fresh cold air to the chicken coop to tend to our rooster and hens. I opened the nest box door to collect the eggs. What I saw stopped me in my tracks. I have raised chickens and gathered their eggs now for about a decade, and had never before seen what was laying in the nest box. There in the wood shavings were five brown speckled eggs and in the middle of them was a freshly hatched, still warm, perfectly formed intact egg, with absolutely no shell at all.

How magical.

The world I currently live in tells me that finding this remarkable egg after that remarkable dream was no coincidence. Rather, it was more like a tangible wink from the universe, or maybe, even a nod and smile from the Creator itself.

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