Eavesdropping On Kansas Farmers

Traveling southward to Texas my husband and I stopped at a tiny diner in a tiny Kansas town before sunrise.

The scene we found there is replayed all over the state and really, throughout all of rural and farmbelt America. The farmers or ranchers, or a combination, come in, one by one, to sit at their “regular table”¬† to have coffee, breakfast and community before their day toiling the soil or handling the animals begins.

My dad, grandparents and great grandparents were farmers and homesteaders too, at one point my great great grandparents lived in a dugout in Nebraska. For those of you unsure of what that was, it was a basically a hole in the ground. I have a great fondness and reverence for farmers. I really do.

I also have definite opinions about Big Ag and chemicals and genetically engineered food, and those opinions don’t normally align very well with the traditional business model of most of today’s farmers. In my work as a Dolores Cannon Regressionist I regularly hear the advice from my client’s higher self or over soul, to eat clean and organic food as close to fresh picked and pure as possible, also to stay away from poisons, chemicals and GMOs of all kinds. We have a greenhouse now and want to grow our own food.

I admit it. When I get a chance to hear a group of men in boots and overalls talk shop, I like to eavesdrop. In my own work-a-day world “talking shop” is often quite esoteric in character. Enlightenment, creation, miracles, unseen beings and modes of meditation are often the subjects at hand. So the chance to overhear “farmer” conversation is a real treat and I try to learn what I can. I suppose I also secretly would love to hear a group of these men talk about how they won’t be buying Roundup Ready seeds, or, that they won’t be hiring the crop duster this year.

So in this tiny Kansas diner as the sky begins to lighten out the front windows, six men gather and once their coffee cups are filled they begin to talk and I begin to listen.

Will they talk about the weather? Their crop choices? Fertilizer options? Monsanto? Maybe they will talk about machinery or equipment or animals. I waited patiently buttering my toast.

Their conversation drifted over to our booth¬† and when I began to make out what they were saying I was really surprised. Surprised and I have to say terribly pleased. These men weren’t talking about any of those “farmer things” at all. They were talking my shop talk.

They were sharing their dreams! From the classic ones like being stuck in mud, arriving at school unprepared, being in public without clothes on, and teeth falling out, they moved on to describe more metaphysical dreams like flying dreams and lucid dreams and even prophetic dreams.

The best part of listening was although there was some humor and good-natured laughing there was no belittling or dismissing of any of the dreams and there was some real reverence, especially when the flying dreams were being discussed. It was super to hear these down-to-earth men talking about their night adventures.

It absolutely is one major way your higher self talks to you, and it happens every night for all of us, regressionist and farmer alike. Whether you are examining your shortcomings or your fears or getting information about your purpose, creative endeavors or your path in life, listening to your dreams is a valuable way to start your day!