Getting Ready for 2012, and the New Earth, with Dolores Cannon

Just a few more hours and we will be entering 2012. What does our future hold?

There are plenty of groups and people offering guesses and predictions. I’m sure nearly all of you have heard of the Mayan Calendar. Hollywood and those focused upon fear took that story and had a real, mostly “negative” run with it. Many people are afraid of what is in store for the coming year.

Hint: Do Not Be Afraid.

Most of the regular readers of this blog know that I work closely with Dolores Cannon. Those of you who are part of her worldwide group of practitioners should know our new continuing education and support forum is nearly ready to become operational with new features, content and easy to find information. Our team is working hard on the interface every day. Stay tuned…

Those of you who do not know Dolores personally may possibly know her to be a prolific author and the world’s most experienced regressionist. She likes to think of herself as the finder of lost knowledge and history, and she has done some remarkable work over the years. Some of what she has uncovered has to do with Mayan Prophecy and 2012. All of my own higher level or higher vibrating clients who are able to speak about “The Shift” or “Ascension” or earth changes in 2012 while begin regressed have provided information that agrees with everything Dolores says in this video below.

This brief video is only 5 + minutes long, but its a fairly concise and very interesting way of looking at something that I have known in my heart is coming for quite a long while now. The New Earth! What a journey we have been on…

Here is Dolores Cannon on 2012, the Mayans, and of course, the New Earth.

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