How to HEAR the Answers that Lie Within

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As a full time practitioner of Dolores Cannon’s method, having a regression session is my first suggestion when I am asked the questions, “How do I find those answers that lie within? How do I hear my Higher Self? How do I know for sure if I am hearing my Higher Self or not?”

A QHHT session can set the stage to bring your conscious self and your Higher Self in direct dialog and help create confidence and a solid relationship of recognizable communication.

But I have many people who contact me, who for a variety of reasons, cannot or decide not to have a QHHT session. Just this morning as I continued a conversation with a man in China, who is looking…and cannot find a QHHT practitioner close to him, I made the following suggestion:

Sign up for Heather Alice Shea’s webinar “Becoming Your Higher Self.” Its free. Its fantastic. Its jam packed with information that you can use, even if you already have established Higher Self communication, you can deepen and expand that connection.

I myself would not miss it for the world.

Come and Join the fun! Here is what Heather has to say:

WHAAAAT! In just 5 days, I’ve had over 1200 people sign up to learn all the sweet sweet goods on Higher Self alignment.

I’ll admit I’m a little blown away. So many people are resonating with this work and with the truth that we must finally find our answers, empowerment and purpose from within OURSELVES!!

No self-help book, ‘Guru,’ teacher, coach or mentor can give it to you. Outside sources can only serve to inspire. They can point the way. But the way all the ‘great ones’ point, is back WITHIN YOURSELF!

So why not just start there to begin with?

Because that’s exactly what Becoming Your Higher Self is about. It’s about fully realizing you are the miracle and inspiration you are looking for.

It’s about learning how to get in touch with the part of yourself that’s already transcended the struggle.

It’s about learning who you were meant to be and then giving that person to the world without apology or fear.

It’s about being YOU, the REAL YOU, and impacting the world.

This party starts on August 26 at Noon Eastern. It think it’s gonna be a doozy. Wanna come?Sign up for my 100% FREE webinar below and let’s do this! XO!

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