Information for Out-Of-Town-Clients

What is the closest airport to your Wellness Studio?
-Wichita Kansas Dwight D. Eisenhower National Airport.


 Is the airport far from your Wellness Studio?
-The airport is on the west side of Wichita and is exactly 27.4 miles from my Studio, which is in Augusta at 108 East 5th Avenue. Augusta is a small town east of Wichita city limits and it is usually about a 30-35 minute drive between the two locations.


 Do I need to rent a car or I can use the public transportation to come to you? Or maybe Uber or taxi?
-Some clients do rent cars, but most people use Uber and taxis are also available.


Where should I stay? Is there a hotel nearby?
-There is a brand new Comfort Inn in Augusta located at 517 W 7th Street and their direct phone number is (316) 260-3006. There is also a new coffee shop adjacent to this hotel. It is an 11 minute walk to my studio or a 2 minute drive. Some people have used and I just saw a new listing just outside of Augusta that looks very nice and very affordable! As airbnb listings change so often, please do your own search for current information if this option appeals to you.


How early can I show up for my appointment? Is there parking?
-Yes there is free street parking right in front of my studio and  I usually unlock my door for clients about 10 minutes before our appointment time.


How many days do I need to plan on being in town?
This is totally up to you, of course, but most people arrive the day or evening before their appointment and leave the morning after the session itself. I don’t recommend traveling immediately after having a regression. It is normal and beneficial to have some quiet time to reflect and process the experience!