Integrating the Orion Archetypes – Part 1

Authority, Control & Competition: Integrating the Orion Archetypes (Part 1)

(This information is from Wendy Kennedy of Higher Frequencies)

As you near the fall equinox, more of the energy surrounding authority, control, and competition will begin to activate. This may be most notable in the areas of your military and police as well as your financial and political institutions. This is an opportunity for you at both the individual and the collective levels to integrate these energies. While authority, control, and competition are not unique to any one particular system in your galaxy, these are the dominant archetypes of the Orion system. The Orions explored these frequencies extensively, creating one of the most controlled and oppressed systems in your galaxy.

As you go through the process of ascension, the records and lessons of Orion are some of the last to be accessed. These records contain some of the greatest trauma of duality, and accessing them before you had released a fair amount of the pain of those same lessons on Earth would not have served you. You would have been overwhelmed. Humanity has now reached a point at which you have done enough integration that these records may now be accessed.

For the next three weeks we will be sharing a code for each of these three areas. To work with the codes, we suggest sitting quietly with them several times a week or as you feel called to.

Authority Code

As you gaze upon the code, imagine all the places in your life you have relinquished your authority. Sometimes this was done to avoid judgement. Other times to avoid responsibility, persecution, or pain. Whatever the illusionary reasoning, forgive yourself for not choosing to express your full Divinity. Forgive those who graciously stepped forward as Divine Beings of Light to play your authority figures so that you could explore the abdication of that responsibility.

In this time and in this space, I now forgive myself and all others for all perceived wrongdoings, known and unknown to me, in this lifetime and in all other lifetimes. I now choose to consciously author 100% of my experiences. And so it is.

As you continue to gaze upon the code, imagine a feeling of alignment and connection to the following: Empowerment,Creativity, and Limitlessness.

The feeling state is an important step in the activation of the code. Some may find it difficult to connect with the feeling state with their eyes open. If this is the case, close your eyes and imagine the code in your mind’s eye until you become comfortable enough with the process to access the feeling state with your eyes open.

(Right click or control click to download)

Please feel free to share this code.  We simply ask you include a link back to Higher Frequencies and the instructions for working with the code along with the image.