Integrating the Orion Archetypes Part 2

Authority, Control & Competition: Integrating the Orion Archetypes (Part 2)

This information is from Wendy Kennedy of Higher Frequencies.

As we mentioned last week, we will be sharing Light Codes to assist you with the upcoming energies of authority, control, and competition as you near the equinox and begin integrating these Orion archetypes. This week we focus on control. Once again, to work with the codes, we suggest sitting quietly with them several times a week or as you feel called to.

Control Code

The Orions spent many eons locked in the illusion of control. To move beyond it, it took the willingness of a brave and courageous few to step outside the norm, trusting in what their hearts and intuition were guiding them to do; relinquish the need for control.

Control can be obvious, or it can be one of the more subtle programs you all play out in your lives. It can come in many forms. As you gaze upon the code, acknowledge the places in your life that you are currently exerting control.

  • Do you seek to control how things manifest in your life and what form they take? Often times you may have a very fixed idea of what something is supposed to look like in your mind, only to miss an opportunity to experience the same vibrational essence in another form.
  • Do you try to control time? Many of you may feel you have to do things in a certain order and within a particular time frame. The universe seeks to support you in the most effective and efficient way possible. The manner and time frame in which this is accomplished may look very different to the ego’s schedule, which is rarely highly effective or efficient.
  • Are you seeking to control others, their beliefs or emotions? You may present information in a very controlled manor to illicit a particular response from another so that you may feel love, approval, safety, security or connection.
  • Are you trying to control a loved one’s behavior? You may seek to do so because you are projecting your own fears onto their potential experience.

As you continue to gaze upon the code, imagine a feeling of alignment and connection to the following:AllowanceInherent Safety & Security, Divine Knowing, and Trust.

The feeling state is an important step in the activation of the code. Some may find it difficult to connect with the feeling state with their eyes open. If this is the case, close your eyes and imagine the code in your mind’s eye until you become comfortable enough with the process to access the feeling state with your eyes open.

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Please feel free to share this code.  We simply ask you include a link back to Higher Frequencies and the instructions for working with the code along with the image.