Interested in PERMANENT Healing?

This post is for my Quantum Healing and CORe Clients and anyone at all interested in healing and holding on to their healing.

For my Quantum Healing Clients: Listen to your recorded session, especially where your Higher Self reminds you what steps are necessary to heal. How many times have you listened? What specific suggestions were given to you? Have you really heard and implemented the information provided to you?

For my CORe Clients. Have you remembered to sit or lay in your sacred space every day and repeat your prayer? Are you remembering to be grateful for everything in your life? Are you keeping your number codes nearby?

Healing isn’t something bestowed upon you without your direct participation. Your beliefs must align to healing. Your activities, your daily habits, must align to healing.

You are a human being. This means you have free will. Your free will is the single greatest gift from God that you possess. This power encompasses everything in your life! You have the freedom to choose every one of your beliefs, every one of your actions, every one of your thoughts and you have the freedom to choose your health. Conversely your beliefs, your actions and your thoughts can remove or compromise your health.

I have been a fan of the wonderful LaUna Huffines for many years.  She writes of Light Healing and how the Angelic Realm is here to assist Humanity. Here is an excellent video from her (less than 10 minutes) where she speaks about the idea of “sealing in” healing so that pain or dis-ease of any kind can be healed permanently and not return to your life.


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