It is TIME

4 Min To Midmight Sm 1

Dolores Cannon as channeled by Candace Craw-Goldman

September 2, 2020

There is very little time left to decide. Very little. Most of you have decided already and that’s good, but a few of you out there are still struggling. And that’s okay. It is okay because, in the end, you will all get there. (Small laugh) No one will be left behind. Believe that. NO ONE will be left behind. And where you are going is simply wonderful.

But the time to decide *how* you want to get there is NOW. No more dilly dallying around.

If you think the world has gone a bit crazy, and you are waiting for things “to get back to normal,” I have news for you: That is not going to happen. This is the time of the Great Transition and you are not going to go backwards to the way things “used to be.” Now some of you will find that statement very uncomfortable and that is understandable and very “human.” But you are going to have to get over that and focus on something else.

During this transitional phase you are stepping into great power. Great creative power and this is what to focus upon. Your creative power. Your own *individual*, creative power. The power of the human potential has been subdued for millennia. No more. The societal and energetic structures that were in place that kept you from your power and potential are crumbling. Wanting those structures to return is counterproductive!

You will absolutely be creating your future life during this Great Transition. And here is how that is going to work. What are you most focused upon right now?

If you are focused upon being a victim, you will be giving a great deal more power to being even a bigger victim. If you are focused upon blaming others for your current situation, you will be lining up more situations in which you will find even more people to blame. If you are focused upon fear, many more fearful things will be just around the corner.

Wake up to the fact that you create it ALL. And if you do not now, wake up and take charge of this fact, and do not actively begin to create, then you will be carried along by a wave of creation manifested by others.

If the idea of living in a world of Sovereignty, freedom, kindness, cooperation, love and abundance sound good to you then it is time to not only focus upon, but embody Sovereignty and start acting free. It is time to offer kindness to others. It is time to cooperate with others to build a loving and abundant and free world.

What you put out into the world will be coming back to you faster than you can imagine.

Remember you are still human and it is okay to be a bit bewildered and ungrounded right now as you make your way into this time and into this, the transisional world towards The New Earth. You have been untethered. Like a circus elephant who has been let free from his chains it is time to leave the tent of your handlers and get out into the world where you belong. Wanting things to go back to normal is like wanting your chains repaired and put back on! Don’t look backwards!

Find others who are feeling powerfully positive at this time as there is great power in numbers. Support each other. Stay connected. Help each other. Love each other. Love even those who choose to take the other, longer road. They have a choice too, just like you do.

In the end remember the incredible gift you have been given: Being born now, at this time, not only to assist in the creation of the New Earth but also to bear witness to it all AS a human, whose evolution and expansion is being watched and measured in real time and at record speed.

Universes upon universes will speak of this time of the Earth and Humanity’s Great Transition for all eternity.

You are more powerful than you can possibly know.