Jack, Jesus, and Jouncing Walls

Definition of the word “Jounce” – To move joltingly or roughly up and down; bounce. A jouncing movement.
Jack called me from an oil field way up North. Literally. He was standing outside in the wind and said he had just made the decision to make a trip to Kansas to see me for a Quantum Healing session and he wasn’t going to wait another moment. He had been thinking of doing this for quite a while and once the decision was made, he didn’t even want to wait to get inside his truck before booking his appointment. He told me everything changed once he started reading Dolores Cannon’s books several years ago. He had thought about calling for a session for literally years. I smiled. I have heard that claim and statement before.

When he walked into my wellness studio I was struck how really big and burly this man was. He truly looked the part of the rugged outdoorsman. He had long curly hair and wayfarer sunglasses and sat down in my armchair nearly making it seem silly and small for his frame.

Jack had been diagnosed bipolar and was finding life difficult even with the medications he was prescribed to help that condition. He also had questions about his relationship with his wife and…his “personal” relationship with Jesus.

We talked for a while and then prepared for the hypnosis part of the session. He’d certainly been waiting a long time. The air seemed ripe and ready for wondrous and amazing things. We were not to be disappointed.

The first vision presented to Jack in his session was one of a tropical beach. Turquoise blue calm water, white sands and his (current life) family was enjoying the peace and quiet and relaxing ocean waves. Jack found himself swimming shortly thereafter, out to a buoy. He climbed aboard and the buoy began to take him out to sea, way out, away from the beach and land. He realized soon that a chain was attached to his leg. It was securely fastened to the buoy.

The buoy carried him far out into the water. He soon saw boats and ships on the horizon. He ended up floating to a large vacation type cruise liner and then people on the ship tossed him ropes and hauled him up onboard.

In the next scene of Jack’s session he seemed to be in a misty grey place, not sure where he was nor what was happening. We asked for his primary guide to assist him at that point. That’s when the tears began and the energy in the room shifted to such a tremendous degree that I could feel it myself in my own physical body. I’ve felt this before and its quite astonishing. Its almost like the barometric pressure literally changes. One of these days I will put a barometer near my session daybed and see if it records an actual physical change. I was prepared to have Jack tell me an archangel or the Christ himself was standing before him. He was quietly crying, trying not to sob when he told me that yes, Jesus himself had appeared.

I asked him to describe the being before him and he did. Tall with long and brownish hair, he was wearing a simple linen robe and holding out his hand. They began to speak to each other.

The conversation between the two of them was so beautiful and filled with incredible love and acceptance from the Christ. Almost always when Jesus appears in a session he brings a gift and almost always, that gift is placed within the client’s heart. This session was to be no exception to that rule. Jack literally held out his hand during this part of the regression and, after some hesitation, accepted the offered gift and placed it within his own heart. When I asked Jack what the gift was, the answer came in an astonished whisper “It was the human heart of Jesus. He gave me his human heart.”

At one point during this exchange with Jesus I literally felt the walls and the building shake. It shook so hard that I actually heard some sand/grit fall from the brick walls and ceiling tiles. At the time, in the back of my mind, I thought maybe it was a train passing nearby and it must have been carrying a heavy payload. I hadn’t heard a train blow its horn, and I hadn’t heard any train go by, but that isn’t unusual either. Quantum Healing Sessions can be intense and all encompassing not only for the client but also for the practitioner and outside noises or activity rarely interfere in any way.

Later when I asked Jack about the walls moving even though he was in a deep trance state he too was aware of the building shaking. He said it felt like the walls were literally twisting and bouncing as the sand and grit rained down.

In Quantum Healing we ask the High Self to come forth to explain and deepen the understanding of the experiences presented, so in Jack’s case, we asked for clarification about the tropical/ocean scene and conversation with Jesus. It pays not to guess about these matters, but simply to ask the wisdom of the High Self to clearly state why the client experienced what they did.

The scene at the beach was not literal but symbolic. For example, Jack choosing to swim out into the ocean was symbolic of travel and adventure and expansion of self. The chain on his leg? One might be tempted to guess that was his wife or something or someone else holding him down, but the High Self explained that the chain was symbolic of Jack himself. He was holding himself back from expansion.

The buoy? That actually symbolized the relationship with his wife and was shown to him to let him know that she and he could travel and expand their lives successfully together. How incredibly lovely this was to hear, especially when you consider the very old and insulting symbol of a wife being called a “ball and chain.”

The meeting with Jesus was of course profoundly emotional and indeed necessary for Jack to expand beyond what had been his current version of himself as an “unworthy sinner.”

After the session a visibly moved Jack wiped his eyes and said, “For quite some time now I wasn’t even sure if I really believed in God anymore. But there was absolutely no doubt in my mind when Jesus handed me his human heart and I grabbed it. I held it with so much intensity that I did not want to let it go. I even had a hard time giving it to myself, placing in my own heart. The emotional part of that experience was just so overwhelming.” I agreed that it was incredibly powerful, even for me as an observer. The sessions where The Christ is in attendance are my favorite sessions of all! And the way the building moved at the same time just seemed like it could not have been a coincidence. I really had not ever felt the floors and walls of my studio shake like they did during that session. It was like the earth itself moved while Jack and Jesus were together.

A much different Jack left the studio than the one who had arrived. He admitted that felt a little unmanly and embarrassed by all the tears but I assured him that no one has a “Jesus session” without tears, not any man, not any client, and not even me who just was blessed to be able to be in attendance. He said as he walked out the door that he felt it was a powerful experience and he now felt a sense of peace and connection that had been missing from his life.

I asked him to keep in touch and let me know how he was doing. I didn’t have to wait long I actually got the following message and photograph the next morning.

Hi Candace

I have tried to focus on my experience with Jesus and I have indeed been successful. When I relive the experience in my head the same overwhelming love and emotion comes back full force. Tears are rolling down my cheeks again even now. Thanks for a truly unique experience.

I wanted to tell you what happened this morning. I went to a catholic church and was inspired to take a photo of the Christ and the chalice. Here is the photo:


Once the photograph was taken you can see this amazing big ball of beautiful white light, right under the cross and on top of the Chalice. It wasn’t there when I took the picture or for the naked eye. I didn’t have a flash on my phone camera, and there was no light like this visible at all in the church, but there it is in the photo. Pretty cool, isn’t it?

Cool indeed and powerful. Here is something else cool and powerful: The shaking of the building during the session? It wasn’t a train. It was an earthquake whose center was about 50 miles from my Wellness Studio. The earth shook literally at the exact same time Jack had his incredible meeting with Jesus. It registered 4.8 on the richter scale and it was the strongest earthquake recorded in the state of Kansas in 140 years.

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