Joren Kinnetz’ "Three Spirits" Quantum Healing Session

Joren Kinnetz is a friend and a colleague who practices Quantum Healing.  Today he is a guest author on New Earth Journey’s Blog and tells us the story of a recent client’s Quantum Healing session with “spirits.”

The Three Spirits Session

By Joren Kinnetz

Our beliefs create our reality, and I truly believe in oneness and love. I’ve experienced the energy of oneness and love in Quantum Healing sessions before, and I know without a doubt that it is all there is. We and everything are “all that is.”

It is my belief that we as creator beings create our reality, and if a person or client believes in entities than they can manifest them in their life. They will believe in these creations, and those spirits or entities will be real for them. My belief is that these spirits or entities are just unresolved issues or parts of the client that they haven’t accepted or integrated yet as part of them. Now hallucinations and psychotic events are totally different than what I’m discussing here in this message.

I have never had a session or client that experienced dark spirits or entities before in the years I’ve been working with hypnosis. There recently was a good discussion on the Quantum Healing practitioner forums about it, and of course my first client with spirits came to me.

We talked for about 2 weeks by email before the session. She described to me how there were three spirits/demons (she used both words) that she could feel and actually see out of the corners of her eyes once in awhile. She even had this to say in one email, “If I tell the dark spirit to leave enough times I can feel the veil lift, only to be knocked back down.” She totally believed in it.

In our Quantum Healing sessions, we contact what Dolores likes to call the Subconscious. It can also be called the Higher Self, the Oversoul, Christ Consciousness, Oneness, or whatever else you want to call the eternal part of that person. It’s that all knowing and all loving part of a person that knows past, present, and everything about that person because it is them on a higher vibration.

During all the emails and the interview, I never once told this lady my beliefs about entities. I did not want her to think I had influenced her with what the Subconscious was going to say about these spirits or demons. I just listened to her story, and waited for the Subconscious to tell her the truth.

Sure enough the Subconscious came through loud and clear. Her higher self told her that the three spirits represented her three worst fears of what she was up against. It even named off those three fears for her, and told her she was holding this fear in her stomach. That is why she had gained so much weight since all this started. One spirit represented the fear of the depression she was going through. The second represented the fear and loss of her best friend. The third represented the fear of leaving her husband.

Original Image courtesy of Victor Habbick at

Original Image courtesy of Victor Habbick at

A couple weeks later, she sent me a follow up email telling me how much better she was doing. She responded how her soul now felt light and free, and a new chapter was beginning in her life. She said she felt strong, independent, and best of all, even loved herself again. In her final paragraph to me she wrote, “The night before last I felt 2 dark entities enter my room, I looked at them (I could see them too) and they disappeared, what an awesome feeling. I had no fear of them pulling me back.”

The Subconscious helped her release this energy and fear, and gave her some wonderful advice on how to improve her life. She’s a new woman, and she’s definitely not afraid of these spirits anymore or even about them coming back.

I’m so glad I didn’t share my own personal beliefs or give her advice on how to deal with negative entities to validate her beliefs. The Subconscious knew exactly how to deal with it.

Joren Kinnetz

Joren Kinnetz

Joren Kinnetz

Joren is a Practitioner of Quantum Healing who lives in Okoboji Iowa. You can visit his website at or email him at [email protected] or give him a call at 712-330-8694.

Thanks Joren, for all that you do, and all that you are. 🙂

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