Life Beyond the Veil

In less than an hour I will be a guest of my friend and Medium Extraordinaire, Pamela Aaralyn on her live Spreecast event to talk about all things that happen beyond physical death. The “veil” really is thinning for all of us! There is so much to talk about.

The date of the show is April 28, 2016 at 10am MT, 11am CT and it will be a live event but recorded. Click the link below to listen live or to the archived version.

Life Beyond the Veil

Last night my house was filled to the brim with excited spirits and my dreams were also focused on the subject. I am not “normally” aware of these kinds of spirits, but holy moly, it was like a party at my house!


I was dreaming of a woman who was teaching or instructing how to communicate with our departed loved ones and others when a┬ápainting (of Metatron’s cube) fell off the wall in my real “physical” home and awoke me from the dream. But laying there, the dream didn’t end, it simply layered itself over my waking state. Even sitting up. Even with the light on.

I went out to see what had crashed in the other room and by then was quite awake. I opened my computer, mostly just to see what time it was, and noticed a new communication from my friend Kathleen McGowan on her “Life Conquers Death” facebook page. It was the introduction of a newly published book on Orbs by Nancy Myers- one that focuses on life after life, just the subject we will discuss today! I plan on reading and reviewing her book soon.

I found myself sending Nancy a message and noted the time, 3:33am.

Its going to be a fascinating program today. I hope you join us!

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