“Life is just amazing now…”

Time Travel
I love my job. I love it even more when I get messages like this one I got from a client who had a session with me late last summer. Her regression was intense. Both physically and mentally and it changed absolutely everything in this woman’s life. As I recall she had some detoxing symptoms afterwards to deal with but they eventually subsided, revealing a clarity and connection and a new level of consciousness she is embracing whole-heartedly.
Not everyone has sessions that are this intense and life-changing, but she sure did. Here is the message I got today:
Dear Candace
I have to send you an update! Things for me are going great! I have had NO MIGRAINES since our session! And I still am drinking no coffee! My emotions are heightened.. and I am WAY more sensitive to energies of all kinds.
I am awakening faster and faster every day! I see sparkles now! Also…the number sequences that appear for me to view are just out of control on a daily basis!
But the thing I really want you to know is this. I have this contact with my Higher Self that shows itself in this way:  I am just knowing information about things as thoughts pop in my head- It is truly amazing!

I have been able to help my sister-in-law out as far as her physic abilities and even decoding her time travel missions which has been just WOW over the top exciting. Her “missions” have been happening over several months and she has actually being visited by other beings and also has been living in 2 different dimensions which has been very confusing for her.
It is so wild…. but I now I know how to explain things to her.
Life is just amazing now- after our QHHT session of last year.
Hope you are doing great