Light Column Dream/Vision at Atira Moon

I was sleeping (or was I?) at our farm we call Atira Moon. I woke up (maybe, or maybe not!) I actually have come to believe the following experience was simultaneously a dream and a vision.

There was an impossibly bright light outside our house illuminating everything, including the inside of our bedroom. The dogs were sleeping soundly and I got up to go look out the window. I was speechless, or would have been if there had been anyone to actually speak to and wished my husband was there to see what I was seeing. I stood at the window and watched the display of cool platinum silvery white light and energy roiling in our pasture.

I had the idea to record the event on video so I grabbed my iphone from the night stand and started recording.

What I saw was a humongous light beam coming straight down onto the earth. A giant column of light beaming straight down from a sky that held no clouds and no light from nearby cities or towns or even other farms. The following is a sketch I drew the next day.

The light column was just spectacular. Inside was movement and many moving light beams. I saw sparks like arc welding sparks and the lights within the column were even brighter light like a laser light show, all bouncing around the interior. The light was pulsing with life; almost as if it was breathing. As the brighter, lighter “laser beams” hit the ground, super bright sparks, just exactly like ones created when arc welding, were “bouncing” off the planet, and just outside the column of light itself.

When I looked down to see if my iphone was actually recording (knowing electronic things just mysteriously refuse to capture certain extraordinary events) I saw that it was, and then looked back out the window, and saw the light column was gone.

I then saw a tractor light coming from the right hand side. (Confused at this point, I thought, that’s odd, that’s not a giant column of light, its John our “hay man” on the tractor?) Then, as John turned his tractor he illuminated several figures moving and working, right where I had previously seen the column of light. I saw brown, perhaps they were Hispanic men, setting the large, organically shaped stone pillars in a circle on points around where the column of light had beamed to the ground.

The stone pillars were human sized and set very specific distances apart, they numbered 12 or 13. As I watched only about 3 or 4 of the stones were being set, the other lay prone around the circle waiting.

My memory of the dream/vision ended then, but the experience of the light column and its effects had only just begun.

Stay tuned for more.