More Vitamin D News

And its good news at that! You won’t see much of this written in the mainstream media however, because no one (no one but YOU anyway) would profit from it.

Looks like the good sunshine vitamin is also crucial to keep you cancer-free and it helps keep your bones and other body systems in good working order.

This just in from Natural News:

Why the truth about vitamin D is a huge threat to the established for-profit medical system
As NaturalNews has documented and reported many times over the last several years, the medical establishment — and especially the cancer industry — has willfully engaged in attempts to prevent people from learning the truth about vitamin D in order to protect the lucrative profits generated from sickness and disease. Vitamin D represents a greater threat to the medical establishment than any other single nutrient for three reasons:

1) Vitamin D is FREE (you can get it from the sun, without a prescription).

2) Vitamin D prevents over a dozen high-profit diseases and health conditions (osteoporosis, cancer, diabetes, MS, and others).

3) Vitamin D is extremely safe, even when taken in supplement form, because it’s a natural vitamin / hormone that the body recognizes.

Remember the traditional medical establishment profits on your ill health, your DISease. There is no profit to them if you remain healthy and out of doctor’s offices, hospitals or pharmacies.