My Quantum Healing Experience – By Jan B.

(The following letter is published with permission and profound gratitude. Thanks Jan. You are a beautiful light in this world.)

Dear Candace,

I have never been able to put it all together until your request came, totally a surprise to me that I could finally put words to the experience.

I am having another awakening today and returning to bliss again, hope the energy flows for miles and miles…

I just read your request for letters, to describe how our experiences with Quantum Healing Hypnosis sessions have helped us. My experience may be rather boring to most because I didn’t visit other planets or other identities from prior lives and I was not a messenger to help others.

However, I was reunited with a part of me that I had long forgotten. It was like coming home and being surrounded by Spirit through colors and the most love inspiring feelings of joy.

My life has really been a journey of wonder and seeking, yearning to discover something unknown that I needed to remember. Once back in the 70’s I was not expected to live through a surgery that had to be preformed because I was going to die without it. I didn’t have an out of body experience but I was being told a story in my subconscious that I could only grasp little bits and pieces of as I came around from the surgery. I have had this story buried in my subconscious,  knowing that it was real. I still can’t fit it all (completely) together but things will happen in my journey and it will touch on what I had been told during that time, more like a knowing than an explanation.

When I had my past life regression (Quantum Healing session) with you, once again I was connected to that Source I remembered from the part of my journey I experience in the 70’s. The experience reunited me with so much joy and inspiration and I felt like I was soaring into what I now understand as pure energy. The beautiful golds and purples and emerald greens that bathed over me and washed through me were, without a doubt, that part of me I had been searching to find without really knowing before my session. It is something that can only be felt.

The experience was a turning point in my life, once I had felt it rather than trying to remember the story it became clear I am a part of the joy, bliss and love that surrounded me during my session with you. It was truly an awakening and enlightenment to where my path was leading me, this connection did not show me things in the future, however I am now much more guided by what feels right for me than ever before.

It’s the feeling that comes with knowing, that part of us that needs no words.

I’ve been surrounded by an awakening of energy and people come into my life to guide me much more often now, becoming aware is a miracle. I was guided to you to help me see my path more clearly, then to my reiki teacher that has helped me be a facilitator of the energy that runs through me.

You led me again to CORe and I continue to work on absorbing what lies within this healing, it amazes me every day. I have been eager to move on to learning to facilitate the use of Quantum Healing and now I have patience to let it happen when the time is right.

What I have learned since meeting you in Austin and my experiences with energy has awakened in me my purpose to help others find what they may be needing without my knowing, used as our Source sees fit. I know I am guided and you are a significant part of my experience in this world. I feel blessed. I hope to teach without knowing what I might bring to another’s journey as I continue on mine.

This is the time for me to share because it just came tumbling out today when I read your request.

I thank God for putting you in my path.

Love and Peace to you Candace for I am-

Forever grateful.

Jan B.

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