Nightmares Not Accepted

It is a rare event for me to have a “bad” dream and I haven’t had a nightmare in many years. I did have the occasional nightmare as a child and young adult but I learned a long time ago not to expose myself to fearful imagery or horror movies or really anything that celebrates fear (mainstream news anyone?) and so my nighttime dreaming experiences have been nearly wholly pleasant.

A few weeks ago I had a very odd night. I awoke, several times at the “beginnings” of dreams where I was playing the starring role as a victim being harassed or pursued by horrible people and creatures.

Each time I would wake up thoroughly confused. It was like I was dreaming with someone else’s head. Each time I immediately closed my eyes to resume sleeping, thinking “Well, that was odd,” and dismissing them as an anomaly, fully expecting to sleep the rest of the night through.

The final dream was a real stunner. It actually featured zombie-like characters and I knew exactly what sort of horror/torture they had in mind for me and it wasn’t going to be nice. At all. In my dream I actually felt my incredulousness rising. I knew I wasn’t supposed to be experiencing this. I didn’t ask for it, I don’t allow this type of energy in my life and world. Not even in my dream state!

Zombies for crying out loud? The new age boogeyman concept I barely acknowledged in my waking world and would never allow in my dreamtime.  It was almost funny. And that was the thought right there that brought me to lucidity.

“Ah. I am dreaming. Well then. That makes this even easier!”

"Rubbish! You have no power here! Now begone!"

“Rubbish! You have no power here! Now begone!”

I waved my arm and practically laughed at the drooling, dripping half dead creatures and repeated this wonderful line from “The Wizard of Oz” where Glinda the Good Witch simply laughs at the Wicked Witch and tells her to begone.

You have no power here. Now begone!

The zombies instantly froze mid stride and then faded into nothingness.

In the morning as I sat and pondered the night, I believe the reason I even had the dreams I did at all was because of where I happened to be sleeping. I know the person who had been sleeping in that room the night prior to me was quite ill. I don’t think I was processing any of “my stuff” at all. I think I might have been helping to transmute the residual lower vibrating energy of that person’s illness that was still present in the room. (I should mention that there is still quite a bit of energetic releasing going on in the world by most of us and this is not going to end any time soon.)

Dreams can be so very powerful and nightmares especially, of course. I am reminded of a recent Quantum Healing Hypnosis client who had a horrible, nearly life changing nightmare that seemed to be a message or connected to a cherished loved one. Because Quantum Healing allows direct communication with the High Self, we were able to actually ask about that nightmare’s meaning and message, and it actually was not at all about who or what the client imagined. The High Self lovingly and thoroughly explained the imagery and message and it then made so much sense to other significant and relevant parts of her life. Dreams or nightmares are common questions brought to me by Quantum Healing clients, along with life path and health concerns.

You can actually program your dreams and ask for information from your High Self. I do this frequently, and the results just keep getting better over time. How do you program your dreams? It’s rather quite simple. Just ask your High Self out loud, or intend to have a dream about a certain subject and try to have the request or the thought be the very last one you have as you drift off to sleep. It takes some practice, but the benefits are priceless.

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