Oh, Please! That’s just your IMAGINATION!

How many of you have been taught to trust your imaginations? There is a widely held belief that you should not, that only scientifically real and provable things can be relied on.

I’d like to point out that even scientists use their imagination. Take Thomas Edison. He “made up” the electric light bulb. He so believed in the picture that he saw in his mind he tried not dozens, but hundreds of times to create one even when everyone around him told him it simply could not be done.

Everything  in our reality existed as a thought before it existed in “reality”.

Just because you feel you “made something up” doesn’t mean it isn’t real. Reality begins within you. Your imagination is the golden key to limitless possibilities and the most powerful touchstone to higher realities. To dismiss or deride information gleaned from your imagination is not only self-sabotaging, it is also foolishly narrow-minded.