Organics? Can't Trust 'Em!

The following conversation took place in a local grocery store in Andover, Kansas, USA.

Young Cashier -“Wow, it looks like all of your food order is organic.

Me- “Yes. Its nice your store has made more organic choices available.”

Young Cashier – “Hm. Me?¬† (As she squints suspiciously at my bundle of broccoli) I just don’t trust these organic things. I stay far away from them and won’t eat them.”

Young Bagger Listening¬† – “Why not?”

(I’m glad the young man asked the question as my jaw was starting for the floor already)

Young Cashier – “Well, they must be different.”

Young Bagger – “And?”

Young Cashier – “And I don’t want to do anything different. I want to eat like people have always eaten. I don’t want anything new. I like traditional. Besides, organic food is so expensive. Something is just plain wrong with that.”

Me- (I made sure to close my mouth firmly as I took my change.)

In this girl’s mind, perfectly molded by tv, ads, and our government; GMOs, pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics, and growth hormones in our food supply is the way humans have always nourished themselves on the planet, and that clean food grown by mother nature just cannot be trusted.

Score one for the other side.