Our "Couples" Regression Part 1

Guest Post by Tom Goldman

As Annie guided us into trance I was quickly under, as is typically the case for me. In fact, I was already experiencing a previous life as Annie was getting us comfortable on the cloud. I have never been somnambulistic (as described in the typical fashion) in any of my regressions but always feel my conscious mind quickly ‘park’ somewhere behind and up to the right where it generally just stays in ‘observer’ mode. I should point out that I am very left brain oriented in real life, but for some reason seem to be able to let go during this process…not sure why. Anyway…

As Annie was making sure we were getting comfortable on the cloud, I was already on the ground, bound at the wrists by a rope and was being led (sort of walking/dragged) by a sheriff of some kind behind his dirty white horse. Annie was asking me how the cloud felt and I replied that I was already on the ground. She quickly caught up and started to get the story from me.

Candace was silent at this point. I was about 25-30 feet behind and struggling to keep up even though the horse was just walking. I would place the time somewhere in the 1500-1600’s. My ‘crime’ was that I was caught poaching animals to feed my wife and son. I felt unrepentant as my family needed to eat, and unaware that I was breaking this local law as we were traveling to a different village. We were traveling because my wife was in danger as she was starting to be viewed as some type of witch by some in the previous village because of her ‘special’ powers. She had visions and could facilitate healing but even more special was our Son, who had his mother’s abilities in spades. I did not feel like I was ‘special’ at all other than I understood how special they were and that I was responsible for their safety.

When I was captured I told my wife “Shira”(pronounced Shy-Ra) to hide and not to follow me…of course, she didn’t listen (much like in real life, ha). I could catch glimpses of her dashing from tree to tree at the edge of the forest next to the road. I was very afraid that she would get caught. I didn’t see our son. At this point Annie got Candace engaged in the process, and as I knew but had not yet been verbalized, Candace was indeed “Shira” so she picked up the story right where I left off.

It was a very strange sensation to be ‘watching’ the story develop but hear someone else narrate it for you. I was not surprised because Candace has the ability occasionally to see what her regression clients are seeing but it was still a strange sensation nonetheless.

Also interesting was the interaction that Candace/Shira and I started to have while experiencing this shared life. While Annie’s suggestion to raise a finger to indicate that you wanted to talk, neither one of us felt it necessary…somehow we intuitively knew that the other person needed to say something so the shared narration flowed as easily as a conversation between two old friends. Back to the story…

Shira is now explaining that she is participating in this proceeding from two different but concurrent (for lack of a better description) points of view…one in spirit/energy form that is watching from above and the second in physical form as she sneaks along from tree to tree, trying to stay hidden. She also described it as if her physical form had third eye sight ability and could view both ways simultaneously.

As I’m led into town I start to understand that I will be whipped (flogged) for my ‘crimes’ and I believe that I will not survive the punishment. Shira knows this, too and tries to find help but the villagers are too fearful to intercede. I see her hiding behind the corner of a thatched/mud brick kind of dwelling, trying to keep me in sight without exposing herself. (as a side note, when we were comparing notes later, we both described this dwelling almost exactly from our respective recall…the details of this building were not verbalized during the session).

Relatively early into the punishment, without all the gory details, I leave and witness them continue to beat what was once my body. I clearly see Shira watching me in spirit form and she acknowledges in the session that she can indeed see that I’ve left and am floating above. She’s comforting me. I can hear her talking to me, but comment that I don’t think that she can ‘hear’ me. I am a little distraught in the session that we’re no longer in physical form together. Shira feels badly because she felt that she was a little reckless in exposing her abilities, which caused us to have to leave our former village. I tell her that she can’t help being who she is and that it will be ok. (It is also interesting to note that Shira and I are not talking to each other, but rather to and thru Annie.)

At this point the ‘discussion’ turns to Shira and my Son whom I believe to be about 10 years old. We talk about his future where he will impact a great many people’s lives…quietly, with little fanfare. Shira’s role is to become his teacher, protector, guide and mentor behind the scenes. We also discuss that the energetic bonds between Shira and I never break and that she feels me during the day and sees me in her dreams at night. I affirm that I am indeed watching over them both and am there when Shira leaves her body and rejoins me in spirit form, just as we knew she would.

End of Part 1.

Stay tuned for Part 2,  to be posted tomorrow.

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