Our "Couples" Regression Part 2

Guest Post by Tom Goldman

(Continued from yesterday)

To recap…Candace and I recently did a tandem regression session with Annie as our facilitator. We experienced a life together in a time that appeared to be in the 1500-1600’s where she took form in a woman named Shira, who had special abilities and I was punished for trying to feed our family. On with the story…

After Candace left her ‘Shira body’ and we were rejoined, Annie started to guide us in the exploration of our soul relationship. We both instantly confirmed that we originated from source at the same time. Candace described it as an origin that came from a golden fireball, split up into smaller parts and that from the very beginning we had traveled together, with each other and our soul family. I described it as if we were twins that came into existence at the same time and like twins, we had a unique relationship.

Annie asked how we came to decide to incarnate and if we had choice in the matter. The answer was, of course, there was choice but that Candace and I took different paths but always ended up back together. She was clearly more of an explorer and sought out incarnate existences far more often than I did. I ‘stayed behind’ frequently and experienced her incarnations vicariously, as we were always connected anyway, but she craved the actual experience. We went on to describe the uniqueness of our individual and soul family’s vibration and colors and that we were instantly recognizable to each other and also described that the word vibration was composed of all forms of sense…sound, sight, feeling. Candace described this vibrational experience as if you were inside a kaleidoscope (which was a beautiful image) and the communication linkage to your soul family was much like how a school of fish or flock of birds moves…as soon as one has a thought, the others move into relation to that instant thought. She went on to describe that as anyone in the soul family experiences an incarnation, they bring back to the family a higher vibration from which all in family benefits.

Annie then inquired about the uniqueness of our soul family and Candace went on to describe that our family was much like all the others, just vibrating at different rates. There was no apparent hierarchy amongst families…just different vibrations. Also interesting was the notion that family members are free to visit other families and ‘experience’ with them. I shared that, in fact, Annie was a very frequent traveler (she’s racked up lots of first class tickets…ha), visiting and experiencing with many families as she was a ‘famous’ teacher.

It was then discussed that although we are here incarnate, that there were elements of us still in the source field “running the shop” as Annie said. We are here, and there, before, now and in the future…all at the same time.

We then went on to explore the connection that we have to the land at our farm. (At this time Candace slips into 3rd person descriptions of herself…I slip into the same way of speaking about 15 minutes later…both without Annie specifically asking to talk to the SC…it just sort of happened when it needed to…magical) Candace described that in many ways we decided on this incarnation specifically because of the important nature of this ‘time’ on the earth and because of the mystery that is about to unfold.

The land itself, and the energy portal that exists on the farm, is important to the Earth and we are here in a caretaker and gatekeeper role and to just “be.” The energy of the portal on our farm was specifically described as one in which (like thousands of other places on this planet) an energy field is “open” to those in need, whether they seek knowledge or healing or whatever. These portals are not for a single use purpose but adapt to what’s needed. The portals are fine-tuned places where the physical world and the source field are ‘visible’ at the same time. The sounds that have been heard by many in this portal were described as having come from the energy of the portal itself and can be heard when those present are able to “be there” when the physical and energy layers overlap at the same time. Additionally, people who experience the portal with the right intent benefit not only themselves but the earth and all those connected as well and as the vibration of the planet itself changes so does the portal’s ability to ‘interact’ with those present within it.

Annie and Steven in the Portal at Atira Moon 2011

Annie went on to help us explore our individual roles in this incarnation, particularly with respect to the portal gatekeeper role described above. It was expressed that while the world has always been aware of energies like Candace’s and Annie’s, the energy from people like me (left brain, ex military, business man) that are starting to awaken is very important. This game is no longer just about new-age women, but that incarnations from all walks of life, age and experience are starting to awaken and they too will be aided in this awakening by hearing from people that were like themselves.

Candace went on to describe her time in other incarnations on the planet on the high Plains of the United States…both as a native American and before which has helped prepare, acclimate and comfort her for this role as caretaker of this land. In addition, her experience with land animals through all these incarnations helps enable her ability to interact with animals today. Annie commented on how unique the animals seem to be at the farm (3 dogs, 2 inside cats and a couple of barn cats, 3 horses, 1 mini donkey named Elvis and a flock of chickens) and Candace answered that much like the souls that are stacked up right now waiting to incarnate on the Earth at this special time, so too is the process in the animal kingdom and that the specialness of the land is like a magnet for these animals. Candace went on to comment how in the first few days of dove hunting season last month the birds came from all directions to our farm because they knew it to be a safe haven.

There was a brief discussion about some individual physical issues that Candace and I deal with and there one was one important point that came up that is appropriate to share. With Candace, in particular, the pain that she deals with serves as an anchor to keep her here at this time and this place to perform the role that she agreed to perform. Her higher self said “If Candace were to remember what it was like to be completely pain free, she’d just take off…” ha.

We finished with Annie asking each of us the question “is there anything that your higher self wants to share with each other’s higher self?”  Candace described that she and I are connected always and can not be separated and that we have been brother and sister more than husband and wife and that it’s all turned out exactly as planned…wonderful. My higher self shared that I should have joined her on more trips but it was most important that we were here now at this important time.

There were some private messages for Annie that I’ll let her share if she desires, but suffice it to say that she is greatly loved by us and many more.


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