Pixelated Cube "Reality" Dream

Dream programing. I am enjoying it immensely. I’ve been practicing for a few years now, thanks to my friend Bill who continues to lead a few very interesting people across the world in group dreaming experiments.

I asked before sleep to more fully understand the concept of reality. I only made this request one time as I turned out the light and closed my eyes. That’s all it took.

In my dream I viewed myself from outside my body, standing in the back yard at Atira Moon. I was watching a pink and aqua sunset. I stood quietly and made still my mind. At a given moment I sent myself out into the world. I watched as my physical self slowly, then more quickly dematerialized. It looked something like stepping onto the transporter machine in Star Trek. My consciousness then “zoomed in” to examine the tiny specks of the pieces of my material self that now looked like little 3D cube pixels.

These pixel cubes dispersed like gas throughout the world and the cosmos and beyond. Each was a tiny hologram of me, holding all of the information, DNA, memory and essence of me, and each went to experience a different facet of reality.

Last Night at the Local Rodeo

Each cube had a mission. Whether from actual experience as with the Rodeo a few hours ago, or those pieces that stayed nearby, say inside a blade of grass, and even those impossibly far away, say in another galaxy, gathered a bit of information, then added it to itself inside the cube. As it added the information, each remaining cube, no matter where it was, or what kind of information it was gathering at the time, also had the information added to it simultaneously in holographic form.

Meaning: The cube gathering information within the blade of grass had the same experience as the cube at the rodeo, or the cube in another galaxy.

I believe this dream was presented to me as a way of explaining humanity’s move toward “oneness” or “mulitidimensionality”.  It also can illustrate the concept of remote viewing. I also believe its a perfect example of non local quantum entanglement theory, or as Einstein called it “spooky action at a distance”.

Enjoy your “life” ride!