Quantum Healing, Hypnosis Myths and “I really need a Level 3 Practitioner.”

Lately I’ve been responding to a great many questions about Dolores Cannon, Quantum Healing (QH), Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) and hypnosis in general. There are many QH/QHHT practitioners in the world and many people who are interested in having a session. I hope this post helps you all.

First of all I was personally trained by Dolores herself in July, 2008, and was the demonstration subject for the session that was done live with her during that class.

Secondly, I began assisting her practitioner community about 6 months after that class and continue to do so today. Our Original QH Support Forum is thriving and more lively today than even when Dolores herself was alive. Why? Because she is actually even more accessible NOW (to practitioners and clients as well) than when she was incarnate.

Here are some BASIC facts about QH and hypnosis:

1. The “level” of your QH practitioner is no indication of their caring, skill, knowledge, or ability for YOU to heal. It does show that the practitioner has made an effort to hone their skills. I myself took multiple Level 2 classes from Dolores herself and then assisted in them for many years afterwards. Dolores also granted me Level 3 status but I no longer participate in that program. Every bit of information Dolores had to share was given in the Level one class. This remains the case to this day. Level 2 and Level 3 are just honing of skills. I have personally witnessed miracles facilitated by brand-new practitioners…heart and intent, and connection and trust between you and your facilitator matter much more than “Level” status.

2. ALL hypnosis is self-hypnosis and hypnosis is NOT anesthesia. If you are expecting to black out and not remember anything and wake up healed you will be disappointed. This is NOT how it works. Most people have a great misunderstanding of what hypnosis is and what it is not.

3. There are only 2 classes of people who “cannot” be hypnotized. Severely mentally ill or mentally challenged people, and those who have some sort of fear or resistance. Now that “resistance” can be anything. It can be from you not trusting your practitioner or yourself. It can come from not being in a relaxing place and being “on guard.” It can come from prior beliefs about hypnosis being wrong or “a sin.” You might be “afraid” of facing your issue. There are many causes to resistance and a skilled and/or loving practitioner can help you release that resistance so that you may have the experience your higher self wants to give you.

4. You are in hypnosis most of your day. I promise. You are constantly imagining what you are about to do, what happened yesterday, what you are going to say to so and so, etc. This is a light form of hypnosis. When you get in your car and drive 30 minutes (usually a well-traveled route) and it feels like 5 minutes because you have been thinking of “whatever” – you were hypnotized. That’s right, even while driving. Your body was on automatic pilot. If someone cuts you off or you blow a tire you come out of your hypnosis to take care of the situation.

Hypnosis, and QH or QHHT is like a long-involved daydream. And just like in daydreaming, you do not need to “visualize” per se, just be able to daydream. Some people daydream in sounds or concepts or “knowings” and most daydream constantly throughout the day. Before getting up out of this chair to go get more coffee I will have the thought of me getting up out of my chair and walking to the kitchen to get my fresh cup. This may be a thought, an image, the sounds of my feet moving across the floor or just the whole concept. This is imagination. This is daydreaming. This is the place you “go” when you are hypnotized and having a QH Session.

5. Many people including Dolores herself, God BLESS her amazing soul, was one person who used the word “somnambulism” so often she set sometimes unrealistic expectations for clients to have those kinds of sessions. What is somnambulism? It is commonly referred to a sleep-walking state or very deep hypnosis where one does in fact not remember or remember much of the session at all. She talked about this for a number of reasons including suggestibility, but frankly, it simply continues to confuse prospective clients.

6. Only a very small percentage of people are natural somnambulists. One study says 3%. This whole subject is a book within itself and I won’t go into more detail here, suffice it to say this- The depth of trance has no bearing on the “success” of the session. None whatsoever. Really. There are multiple instances of miraculous outcomes with incredibly “light” states of hypnosis.

When Dolores counted me out of my session in 2008, she actually asked me in class “What do you think you remember?”

I said, “I remember every single detail, and most vividly.” She laughed a bit and said, “Oh I bet you don’t remember as much as you think you do.” And cheeky me said, “Test me.” She laughed and changed the subject.

Like a vivid dream you can absolutely recall and remember every detail of your session. I did. You can take your “every day” conscious awareness into a session. But, like any dream, it can fade.

The “expectations” thing was such a big deal for clients of practitioners because they started to think that only Dolores Cannon could hypnotize people deeply to have the healing or information contained within her books. It became a problem for those doing her work. After years of her practitioners and me asking, Dolores finally relented and made the following video with me about this subject.

I have to laugh a little bit when I watch this video. Anyone who reads energy even in a small way can see Dolores is not completely happy about answering this question and doing this video. This is a bit like a magician showing how one of their tricks work. Saying repeatedly to the world that she worked in the somnambulistic state suggested to clients that that is exactly where they themselves would go, so, they ***WOULD*** go deeper, while having a session with the amazing Dolores Cannon, they pre-programed themselves to do so. Then afterwards, if they “remembered” they may have thought they did something wrong or maybe “weren’t” deep enough.

This could not be further from the truth, and towards the end of her life Dolores would say (in her later classes) that she herself noticed more and more of her own clients staying in the lighter trance state anyway and bringing their conscious awareness with them on their experience. Why would more people remember or bring their every day consciousness into a session? Because we are waking up that’s why. We are more connected to our Higher Selves than many of us realize.

And that is a good thing.

Dolores’ work continues through her practitioners and others who have studied her work, and in an expanded and powerful way, because she is so accessible to all of us in the Spirit Realm.

Remember that the most important element in a Quantum Healing Session is trust. Trust in the method, your practitioner, and most importantly, yourself.

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