Question: When is Corn, not "really" Corn?

Answer:  When its GMO corn laced with thiamethoxam (a systemic neonicotinoid INSECTICIDE), and azoxystrobin, carboxin, fludioxonil and mefenoxam, all four, fungicides.  Careful not to touch this sweet corn while planting. Never mind that you are supposed to eat it eventually, just don’t touch it while its in this state.

Seriously. These are corn kernels? Does this look like a corn kernel to you? I bet any rodent with only half a brain would take a pass on consuming this GMO abomination.

Actually there are even important questions to be asked here, than the title of this article. Namely, does this concept even matter to you? Do you even think about this at all? Are you awake or asleep?

When you are in your local market, do you pause, even for a moment to consider where your food comes from and how its produced? And if not, why not? Do you ever wonder at all, about the “end-game” of the giant mega corporations who created this and other seeds that poison the natural varieties, pollute the earth and sicken humans? Or do you just put the can of Green Giant into your shopping cart and get on with your day, completely bypassing the organic varieties because they are just “too expensive” and “are basically the same”? Do you think GMOs “don’t matter” or that science just has our best interest in mind?  Really?

Do you have “more important” things to worry about? Your job, the economy,  the “big game” maybe, or what new adventure the Kardashian Gals are having?

What is more important that our FOOD? There are those who are quite pleased you are so very distracted by those other things, while they quietly, methodically attempt to control the very food supply on our planet.

Support your local organic farmer, buy local crops in season, not shipped in and driven cross country from another continent. Buy organic whenever possible. Reject GMO food at all cost. Stop using “Weed and Feed” and “Roundup” in your own yard for goodness sake, it just perpetuates the problem and poisons the very water you drink! And consider saving heirloom vegetable seeds, they will be very valuable some day soon.

Or… just forget all about this “over reactive” little rant of mine and go watch some tv.