Regression Postscript and Introducing: Betty Balcombe

Guest post by Tom Goldman

At the end of part 2 of our Couples Regression, I indicated that there were some private messages that came through the higher self that were for meant for Annie…she said it was ok to share them here.

As the session was starting to wind down my higher self was thanking Annie for being present that day and visiting our soul family and also reminded her that she was a highly sought after soul as she is a “Wisdom Holder” and that she was very much appreciated. As Candace was acknowledging the same all of a sudden she exclaimed “Betty has just flown in” and that she wanted you to know that she feels the same and that she’s very proud of you.

(Betty is a highly spiritual teacher, mentor and friend of Annie’s. Her books, gifts from Annie, are on our coffee table and often are read and referenced.)

At that same time I felt a huge rush of energy and my whole body started vibrating. I told Annie that Betty’s presence felt like a beacon, with waves of energy just emanating from her and mentioned that my whole body was tingling, Candace spoke up and said “mine, too.”

Annie asked if Betty was incarnate again, and neither Candace nor I could sense that but it didn’t feel like she was. Candace went on to say that Betty was very proud of the wonderful impact that Annie has had on so many people’s lives and that she’s sending her waves and waves of love (with a big grin on her face).

One thing that does not come through in the words are the emotions of the moment. Both Candace and I instantly felt the presence of Betty…our whole bodies were vibrating/tingling, which had not happened before during the session, only when Betty appeared. The sense was that she entered the room from above and to our right, passed over the bed where we were laying and then remained hovering by Candace and Annie. That physical sensation was joined by the almost physical sensation of waves of energy hitting us…wave after wave after wave, a few seconds apart. It felt wonderful… loving, warm and light and it was emotional for all of us, with plenty of happy tears all around. Her presence was certainly impacting us but she was really there for Annie and we could feel the love and pride she has for her…which of course is shared by us all.

Betty Balcombe wrote two quite wonderful and easy to read books on healing and energy and all things psychic:  As I see it: A psychic’s guide to developing your sensing and healing abilities and The Energy Connection: Answers to Life’s Important Questions.