Rising Above the Fog

Bright Morning Sun And Clouds From Above.

Dream information for the Human Collective.

January 17, 2021.

I found myself standing on a beach. I was near the water, I could tell by the sand and the sound of the waves but I couldn’t see it very well because there was a brightly lit, very dense fog hanging over everything. The only thing that was clear and in perfect view were my own bare feet on the sand.

I could sense and feel others fairly close by but I couldn’t really see them.

“I can only see myself.” I said aloud.

“For now.” I heard in my head.

I stood quietly for a few minutes thinking. What does one do when surrounded by fog and uncertainty?

“Follow your feet.” I heard in my head.

And so I did.

I walked in the fog seeing nothing at all in front of me, toward the ocean and could hear some strong waves. The air around me was perfectly still. The wind was missing. How could that be? I began to wonder if I would collide with something as I walked in the brightly thick, almost irredescent fog.

“Trust.” I heard in my head. And so I did, and picked up my pace a bit.

It wasn’t long before a rustic, brown, wooden platform came into view. Ruggedly and simply built, it wasn’t at all large, but it did seem fairly tall.  It was very close to the water and I could tell it had been and would be stood in it during the high tide.  As I pondered the next thing to do I suddenly sensed that my was husband nearby. And my father. “Over here!” I said loudly calling in their direction. They followed my voice and were soon stood by my side. I was happy to see them.

I could tell by their faces that they did not know what was happening, but they didn’t say a word, just looked at me to explain our situation.

“I’m going to climb the platform,” I said to them, “To see if I can get a better view.”

There were no proper steps to this platform, nor guides or handrails, but I did manage to easily make my way up. As I did, the fog became far less dense and the sun became very bright. At the top of the platform there was no fog at all, only a bright, warm sun and brilliant blue sky. “Come on up!” I called to my family below.

My husband climbed up after a time and stood silent at the back of the platform. I watched my father as he studied the structure and evaluate the climb. He knew, as did I, he was too frail to even try. “I’ll stay right here,” he said, and he propped himself up against a sturdy support pillar below, soon wrapping his arms around it in a tight hug. I felt a pang of sadness, but knew his decision was right.

The platform was rectangularly shaped and could have comfortably held several more people. It had a single and simple waist-high board rail around 3 sides, but the long side that faced the ocean held no such rail. I looked out to the water. The sea was bringing its powerful clear blue water waves to the shore. There were white caps and loud crashes below, I marveled at how clean the water seemed. It was not muddy at all.

I scanned the shore and could see platforms like the one upon which I stood up and down the beach. Most were empty, but far off in the distance I could see some held other people, it made me happy to see. I could tell though most of the people nearby were not upon these sturdy structures but remained  in the fog below.

I felt the warmth on my head and looked up at the sun, thinking it would eventually burn the fog away.

“If the sun was brighter, it could burn the fog away much faster.” I heard in my head.

“How can the sun be any brighter than it already is?” I thought to myself.

 It was then to my right I saw a bright and shining light leave the beach and begin to float up into the sky. It was too far to see very clearly but after some blinking and watching I could see a body attached to the light. It was a person with a brightly lit sphere around their head, flying gently up and away and toward the sun! It wasn’t the one I knew from before, but was instantly reminded of him.

“Where is he?” I wondered out loud and then thought silently. “Where is the Man with the Head of a Sun?” It seemed as if it had been a long time since I had seen him. It also seemed like he could help me understand what was happening. It would be a good time for him to show up right about now, I thought.

“All you had to do was ask,” I heard in my head.

I then saw the Man, but he wasn’t nearby at all. He was far away off in the sky, just underneath the sun. His brilliantly lit head was much smaller than the Sun, but it was just as bright. He just hung there, beaming his head in the sky, I could see he still wore his suit and tie.

“Can you tell me? There’s something happening here.” I said. “And what it is – isn’t exactly clear.” What? Song lyrics in my head? Apparently. The music played on in my mind as the dream went on.

He didn’t respond to that question right away. I saw him seemingly begin to assist the floating person with the light sphere head. Gently altering their direction to a more direct path towards the Sun above. It was then that I saw other small “sun” headed beings lifting up off of their platforms, all moving toward the Sun.

“Just watch.” Smiled the Man with the Head of a Sun.

As more and more people climbed up out of the fog, more and more of them turned into sun-headed beings. And as more and more of them floated up from their platforms and joined the Sun, it became brighter and brighter.

We, the PEOPLE, could make the sun shine even brighter!

“When there is enough LIGHT. When there is enough LIGHT. When there is enough LIGHT all of the fog will disappear.”

I felt myself then sit in a cross-legged position on the platform. I closed my eyes and began to pray. I felt the warm beams of the sun upon my crown. I asked God for more Light.

End of dream.

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