Sacred Site Circle Makes its Presence Known

The vision I had on Atira Moon of the Column of Light was personally very moving.  But having others comment on the space, provided confirmation to me that the vision was valid and further exploration has become not only necessary but very exciting and it seems like the story about this circle is only just beginning.

This first quote was from a beautiful lady who had come to the property in December 2010,  four months before I had my experience. It was the first meeting of New Earth Journey Wichita at Atira Moon, and it was a lovely day and well attended.  We held a meeting and also had a brief group regression that apparently was quite profound for more than one person. Here was what one member of New Earth Journey told me, when I recently told her about the discovered circle:

When I was on your property, I ‘saw’ these very tall triangular type beings making a circle out back there…and what I got was that if we all started doing work out there we might start to see manifestations in physical form.

This was such a great validation as she saw this vision before I had any idea about the circle.

Sacred Site Circle at Atira Moon

Here is another perspective provided by my friend and colleague Sharon Michelle who also works with the Dolores Cannon method and is a professional, working psychic.

I do believe that you do indeed have a portal on your farm. I think it was actually used in the past long ago for circles of meditation/healing etc. I see stones actually there underneath the surface. They have been covered up over the years of wind, plant growth etc. It doesn’t matter if they can be seen or not, their energy is still there. The site is very ancient. They are not large like Stonehenge, but rather are low and flat and placed in a similar pattern about the right height for sitting on.

I got chills seeing your drawing of the light showing it to you. I see gatherings there in the future. You should mark the spot, a labyrinth there would be especially powerful. I think there are many more vortexes that are unknown at the present that will be shown to us little by little. These will become very important in the years to come.

I see many gatherings in the future at many vortexes happening simultaneously where there is meditating, outpouring of love and peaceful intentions, singing, etc. They seem to be a coming together of those who have kept the natural ways in the past and those seeking them today. These places amplify the intentions of those gathering in these spots.

You have been honored to possess such a spot on your property and honored again by being shown it’s location.

I’m looking forward to what other impressions will be made by visitors to Atira Moon.

Next post: A spontaneous past life memory that might be connected with the site!

Stay Tuned.