Self Sufficiency = Freedom

Self-sufficiency is the greatest fear of the global oligarchy.

What can you do when you see the world around you changing, institutions toppling, monetary systems crumbling? What will you do when government and others demand your compliance and threaten your freedom?

With the use of the internet we have already begun to take back the media. Lets not stop there. It is now time to seize back the other levers of power.  How would you and your family survive more than just a handful of days if you could not turn on your furnace, open your tap,  pump gas, or go to the grocery store?

Lets face it, if you are NOT independent, you are only one other thing, and that is dependent. If you are dependent upon the government for your existence, you are not a free person.

Now is the time to recognize that true freedom is, in fact, becoming self-sufficient. We can eventually, be self-sufficient as a nation and as larger communities, but we are not there yet. You can do your part by becoming self-sufficient as a person and a household, and start living it everyday.

How? Store some food and water. Do that TODAY.

Next, begin to grow your own food. Even those living in apartments with tiny amounts of space can do this very simply using 5 gallon buckets.

Here is a link for an idea of how to use 5 gallon buckets to grow as much organic food as you want cheaply and with very little work. This particular garden waters itself for up to 3 weeks with no rainwater or electricity or maintenance needed.